Why is Reza Pahlavi a Perfect Leader?

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By Amil Imani:

A Short History of the Islamic Regime…

More than four decades of rule by the grand thieves, known as the Mullahs of Iran, has not only failed to advance the security and well-being its people, it has ensnared the nation in a stifling theocracy where the rights of the governed are routinely violated for the benefit of the governing.

The Islamic regime has replaced every protective provision of the UN’s Universal Charter of the Declaration of Human Rights with theocratic fiats of the state which govern all aspects of the citizens’ private and public life. In reality, the Iranian people have become hostages in their own land.

All means of freedom, our precious legacy, were either taken away or severely restricted. Freedom of assembly, of the press, and association were taken from the people and became the exclusive prerogative of the state. In other words, if you are part of the regime, you live like a king no matter how bad the economy. But, most people don’t even have a simple food on their table, because they can’t afford it. The grand thieves who control the system, divide it between themselves and what’s left of it, goes to Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and the Houthis or other terrorist groups. Many Iranian people live under absolute poverty. If they protest or complain, they end up in notorious Evin prison.

Journalists and writers or just about anyone who can write and report are forced to serve the state or face merciless punishments. Numerous journalists, writers and thinkers are imprisoned; some languish for decades and some meet an early death.

Iranian women, who under the Shah were honored as equal to men, were reduced to the rank of second-class citizens. Their family rights became severely constricted. Their access to occupations such as judgeships was denied, in line with the theocracy’s belief that women are incapable of rendering sound verdicts, and allowed only a token presence in high-ranking government positions.

The religious and ethnic diverse groups of the nation, which has been a great source of its strength and cherished heritage throughout the ages, were severely repressed in an attempt to force the populace into a monolithic religious mold advocated by the state. Religious minorities such as the Baha’is, Jews, Christians and others found themselves persecuted in a variety of ways in their own homeland. Some abandoned their livelihood, homes and relatives to flee to the four corners of the globe in search of religious freedom and safety. In Iran, many ended up as prisoners of conscience, some were forced to recant their beliefs, and a number were executed and buried secretly in unmarked graves.

History is repeating itself. When the original Arabs conquered Iran, the first thing they did was destroy Persian books, heritage and artifacts, as we have witnessed similar actions by ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. The Islamic Republic of Iran also despises anything and everything Iranian and has been gradually obliterating Iranian antiquities while no one notices.

And this is only a tiny fraction of what happens in the Islamic Republic of Iran today.

There is absolutely no-coexistence with this anti-Iranian regime. The only option is regime change. Islamic tyranny, regardless of its form, recognizes no borders. It does not confine itself to any geographic area. It is by nature aggressively expansive and invasive. As President Trump has repeatedly pointed out, appeasing the tyrants invariably fails to satisfy them and only serves to whet their appetite.

Why Prince Pahlavi?

Prince Reza Pahlavi

A quick and simple answer: It is because the people of Iran want him. Prince Raza Pahlavi is the eldest son of the former Shah of Iran. Mr. Pahlavi is extremely popular in Iran and protesters on numerous occasions have been chanting his name to return home and “Make Iran Great Again.” He is a leading candidate amongst opposition groups to stand up to the Mullahs. Mr. Pahlavi’s calm temperament and demeanor makes him the ideal man to be the catalyst among many opposition groups to unite them all. In a recent interview, he said: “He believes the people in Iran and abroad “trust” in his “vision” for a future Iran. He adds: “The reason they look up to me in some way is because of my own track record.”

Indeed, his track record is impeccable and has always emphatically stated that it is up to the people of Iran to decide their own destiny.

It is far past time that Western politicians and the media start paying more attention to him.

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Amil Imani
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