The Google Globalism Gulag

By James Hall: The Google elites are really a mob. Rational Americans desperately need to view the distortion of events as the primary enterprise that Google provides. Has the public already forgotten that the RussiaGate hoax was promoted by the likes of Google? [Continue Reading]

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This is Our Last Chance

By Rob Pue: The Great Falling Away has begun.  Our Christian “leaders” are falling away into apostasy and lies…People no longer desire the truth, but are satisfied with sound bytes and “memes,” “fake news,” and a powerless form of religion that makes them feel good… [Continue Reading]

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How We Reelect Trump in 2020

By Lloyd Marcus: Brother and sister Americans, we must fight back by using our God given gifts, talents, ideas and resources to spread the truth about Trump’s remarkable long list of achievements beneficial to all Americans. We must counter progressives’ lies… [Continue Reading]

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