U.S. Southern Border: Major Train Wreck Ahead!

Perfect Storm
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By Don Boys, PhD:

Don Boys

It is an undisputed fact that many immigrants from Central and South America could not qualify to become U.S. citizens on their merit; however, hundreds of them are at our southern border demanding entrance. They traveled through Mexico in a caravan (illegally) that accumulated as many as 1500 people from three or four nations. If their efforts are successful, other “caravans” will be as sure to follow as tweets from the White House.

Whatever their reasons for coming, these people have few and low skills making them much more likely to seek public assistance, gorge the school system, overwhelm the health care industry, and spike the crime reports. Is that bigotry or hatred? No, it is a demonstrable truth.

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that children of immigrants compose the majority of the student population in 700 of the country’s largest school areas! No one knows how many are illegal. According to the report, “23 percent of all public school students enrolled in 2015 were from an immigrant household, compared to 11 percent in 1990, and 7 percent in 1980.” Even Senator Schumer can see a dangerous trend in that report.

But it gets worse. In large metropolitan areas such as northern Virginia, Houston, and New York City, “93 percent of all students are the children of immigrants.” That was 93%! Take that information as it relates to the public school system and extrapolate it to the welfare system, health care system, public libraries, etc. Obviously, there is a major train wreck in our future.

Concerned taxpayers should be concerned about illegal and legal immigration. Harvard professor George Borjas affirmed, “the United States has been granting entry visas to persons who have relatives in the United States, with no regard to their skills or economic potential.” He said that, “Immigrants today are less skilled than their predecessors, more likely to require public assistance, and far more likely to have children who remain in poor, segregated communities.”

The professor said that immigration is bad news for America’s poor, and that is supported when one understands that wages of U.S. high school dropouts have fallen 10% since the 1980s relative to the wages of more educated workers. Dr. Borjas declared that about a third of that decline is because of immigration. The empirical evidence strongly suggests that immigration is aggravating the problem of poverty according to Professor Borjas.

Furthermore, almost thirty percent of the immigrants now living in this country are of Mexican origin.

NBC News reported that the town of San Luis, Arizona has about 3,000 residents but has 20,000 post office boxes; but still stranger is the fact that most of those box holders live in Mexico! The reason for this unusual practice is because the Mexican citizens living across the border in Mexico use them as a permanent American address to collect public benefits from you. Are you surprised that you provide those benefits? Do you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you go to work each day to support parasites across the border?

It is an obvious truth that if large numbers of Mexicans, legal or illegal, enter the U.S. it will relieve some of Mexico’s economic and social problems, but what will it do to America’s? How can anyone even attempt to defend the reprehensible practice of American citizens funding the policy of  providing for foreigners, especially foreigners who break the law? Only pathetic people who worship at the shrine of global government would even attempt such defense.

The pro-immigration advocates tell us that immigrants don’t take jobs; they make jobs and pay taxes; however, while that is true in some cases, it is not true when one looks at the total picture. A report in August of 2004 revealed that illegals cost Americans ten billion dollars more than they pay in taxes! Professor Borjas suggests that the immigrants’ cash welfare benefits alone cost about $1 billion more than is paid by them in taxes annually.

Repeatedly we are told by pro-immigration advocates that Mexicans and others are needed to do work that Americans will not do–but a more correct statement is that they take jobs that Americans don’t want at the going wage! In difficult times, most Americans will take any job to put food on the table. I’m sure few Americans feel good knowing that illegal immigrants are working at entry level wages producing bigger profits for the agri-businesses.

It is long past time for America to take control of our borders as a basic responsibility. Public officials have a basic responsibility to keep out all non-citizens, arrest those now living here illegally, and demand that our friends south of the border stop playing the hypocrite and close their northern border. If Mexican officials have genuine concern for these immigrants, they could offer asylum to them and solve the problem for the immigrants, Mexico, and the U.S.

It’s past time to get started. If Mexico refuses to cooperate (and continues to encourage such illegal activity) then Trump should close Mexican consulates, restrict tourism into America and Mexico, and stop or reduce aid and trade with Mexico. Hit them where it hurts.

Americans have a major train wreck ahead at our southern border!


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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if farmers would hire well-paid and civilized workers who wouldn’t pee and poop on the produce? Aren’t you disgusted hearing about recalled romaine lettuce and spinach that is contaminated with fecal matter? Low-wage, illegal invaders are being hired to work with and process our foods. Sad .. and scary.

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