Trump campaign hits back at limousine liberal Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg loves all things “progressive”, especially illegal aliens

Mark Zuckerberg limousine liberal
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By Chip McLean:

Multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook’s CEO – loves “diversity”. He loves all things “progressive”, especially illegal aliens.

I know Mark thinks that terminology is “insensitive” and  would prefer the PC term “undocumented worker”. That way it sounds like poor old Juan is simply the victim of some heartless bureaucrat at the immigration office who lost Juan’s paperwork.

Mark would choose to ignore the fact that Juan broke the law when he crossed the border illegally. Of course then Mark would go on one of those leftist rants about how “people are not illegal”. Actually people aren’t illegal – but their actions can be – and breaking our immigration laws is most assuredly illegal. Such actions would make a person a criminal by definition.

Zuckerberg  is another one of those wealthy leftists who keep attacking Donald Trump, who (thankfully) stubbornly refuses to be politically correct and continues to call things for what they really are.

Good ‘ol Mark has been taking swipes at the Donald over his plans to build a wall and so forth, and the Trump campaign has answered back:

“I’ll take Mark Zuckerberg seriously when he gives up all of his private security — move out of his posh neighborhood and come live in a modest neighborhood near a border town,” Katrina Pierson, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, told CNBC. “Then I’m sure his attitude would change.”

That is exactly why Trump does well with the American middle class. Even though he’s a billionaire, he hasn’t deluded himself into thinking that the invasion occurring on our border is good for America.

Zuckerberg is the stereotypical limousine liberal. He lives in his gated, secure neighborhood, counts his billions and will never have to worry about an illegal alien taking his job, or bringing the third world to his neighborhood. Then he has the audacity to preach his PC multiculturalism to the millions of Americans who have seen firsthand the devastation that millions of immigrants (legal and illegal) – along with bad trade deals – have visited upon this nation.

The middle class has been hit very hard – and they’re not alone. One group that has been hit even harder has been blacks, especially young blacks who desperately need the entry level jobs that would give them the opportunity to move up and succeed. The economy is bad enough (forget the official low unemployment numbers, they’re bogus) without young blacks having to try to compete with what few jobs there are that are being snapped up by immigrants.

Trump sees this problem clearly and would take measures to change this dynamic. Zuckerberg would rather sit in his mansion and prattle on about how we need to welcome everyone. Trump’s nationalism is about helping Americans first. Zuckerberg’s globalism is all about putting Americans last.

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  1. I’m a foreigner yet comfortable with Trump’s nationalism (hooray, I used the word!), and even with the man. Despite his threats of both international aggression and isolation, Trump’s appeal to this Australian is that of a father who is actually coming home every night, tired or happy, red-faced or cheerful, and is going to settle things. He may or may not do what he has promised or threatened, but he will stop whatever silliness the kids have been pulling on mummy. And he will get on with the neighbours provided they don’t pull his chain. But they’d better not pull his chain.

    Not saying that’s how he is, but that is his appeal. He is more moody daddy than benevolent authority figure, more family than institution.

    Meanwhile, after Serbia, Iraq, Libya and Syria, there is not much doubt that Hillary is the most violent neocon with the most money, fewest scruples and weakest judgement. If Trump can spare the world another decade of unfocused violence alternating with tender green religion, one could live with a gaffe or two. Might even enjoy the gaffes. As you say, PC has worn pretty bloody thin lately!

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