The Trump ROMP Kicks Liberal Ass!

The Dem Donkey had it’s political ass handed to it by an enraged, focused electorate

Kicks Liberal Ass!
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By John Lillpop:

John W. Lillpop
John W. Lillpop Associate Editor

The political quagmire known as the election of 2016 is finally, and mercifully, over.

Donald J. Trump, the non-politician, billionaire-genius who miraculously defeated a gaggle of tired, old-school RINOs and a gang of similarly out of touch, mindless liberals (like Hillary Clinton,) completed his unprecedented, spectacular run of the US political table on December 19.

Despite death threats and highly-publicized attempts by psychologically unhinged liberals to outright steal the election, The Donald prevailed as the Electoral College voted 304-227 to make Trump’s historic thrashing of establishment weasels, final and official.

Trump’s unexpected victory is not only a huge W for American patriots eager to restore sanity to US politics after eight years of progressive bedlam produced by the worst president in US history, Barack H. Obama: Along the way, the Trump Romp also disabled several power players, in both the GOP and Democrat camps, who were aligned, more or less, with policies and forces prominent in “progressive” circles.

Among the establishment casualties whose political fortunes were decimated or significantly blunted by the Trump Romp: Barack and Michelle Obama; The Bush family; the Bill and Hillary Clinton crime syndicate; Harry Reid; as well as the structural underpinning of the US House of Representatives; the US Senate; and a number of state houses and governor mansions; not to mention the ideological composition of the US Supreme Court for perhaps several generations.

It was a shellacking of epic proportions where the symbolic Donkey had it’s political ass handed to it by an enraged, focused electorate.

Good riddance to the RINOs and liberals, and WELCOME to empowered soldiers in Donald’s “Make America Great Again!” army of patriots!

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John W. Lillpop
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