The New Missing “I” Word

There's a word that Obama will not say

missing "I" word
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By Chip McLean:

Our fearless leader Hussein Obama has quickly determined the cause of the tragic Orlando shootings…and the culprit? Guns.

Not exactly a surprise, as every mass shooting has seen Obama blame guns as the sole cause of the occurrence. We could stop all these shootings if we could just get rid of all of those guns, according to Obama and the other usual suspects (Hillary, Pelosi, Bloomberg et al).

If only we could get the guns out of the hands of conservative white men…oh wait, the shooter wasn’t a conservative white man.

But if we could only get the guns out of the hands of NRA members…oh wait, the shooter wasn’t a member of the NRA.

Well then, if we could just get the guns out of the hands of Republicans…well drats, the shooter wasn’t a Republican.

But then, if we could just get the guns out of the hands of constitutionalists who believe in the founding documents…well drats again, the shooter wasn’t a constitutionalist.

Well yeah, if we could just get the guns out of the hands of Tea Partiers…oh wait, the shooter wasn’t a Tea Partier.

How about we get the guns out of the hands of those nutty survivalists…oops, the shooter wasn’t a survivalist (nutty or otherwise).

Wait, I’ve got it – if we could just get the guns out of the hands of born again Christians…aww nuts, the shooter wasn’t a born again Christian.

The shooter’s name was Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, and he was a member of a “religion”.

Mateen hated gays and killed 49 at Pulse, an Orlando gay club, and seriously injured another 50 plus. This was an act of terrorism for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Obama did mention “terrorism”, but there was something he didn’t mention. The “I” word. Radical Islamic terrorism.

Obama - Stand with the Muslims

Terrorist act after terrorist act has been committed by radical Islamists since Obama took office, but he refuses to connect any of this with Islam. In fact, he hasn’t uttered the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” once in nearly eight years in office, despite the prevalence of these attacks here and abroad during his tenure.

Political correctness is an insidious means of silencing the opposition in order to promote an agenda. Years back, I wrote “The Missing I Word”, in which I explained that the PC media was refusing to use the word “illegal” in conjunction with the word immigration in order to control the narrative about border security.

Political correctness gave us the ridiculous term, “undocumented immigrant” to make it seem as if these border crashers were the victims of some heartless bureaucrat who forgot to give them their green cards.

Now it would seem that with Obama, we have a new missing “I” word.

In a sense, it would seem that the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack poses a dilemma for Obama, as he has championed “gay rights”, but has also championed Islam as a “religion of peace”.

Obama said in his book Audacity of Hope, “I will stand with the Muslims if the political wind shifts in an ugly direction”. Every gay person should read that quote carefully, because it will tell them everything they need to know about their supposed “friend” Obama and where his true allegiance lies.

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