The Future Demands a Third Party

We are being played again by the two party monopoly

two party monopoly
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By James Hall:

At this point in the long and revolting primary fiasco, the two party monopoly plays out their orchestrated selection charade for all to see. The most amazing and pathetic attitude among a politically frustrated electorate is why another one can or will provide their consent with the final outcome. The fundamental failure in the American political system is based upon a phony two party opposition. Friends and foes alike, the first lesson in understanding our politically imposed despotism is that elections never allow for real choice. The careerist political class always prevents honest reformers from gaining real power.

Yet, optimistic idealists and cynical realists keep going to the polls to cast their vote for the only candidates that party hacks allow to be placed on the ballot. Dumb and dumber should be the only names affixed under Democrat and Republican Party endorsements.

Under a cozy arrangement that authorize and staffs county level election commissions as bipartisan gatekeepers to filter out unreliable upstarts and oversee the vote count from preprogrammed election machines, how legitimate can this contrived process be?

As long as elections are managed under Democrats and Republican Parties loyalists, the outcome will always be to protect and serve the establishment power brokers. Dam the wishes of the people; the cabal of co-conspired elites talks their ideological dribble, but act in unison to expand the collectivist state. How can this medieval feudalism be challenged?

The original subject in the “Dueling Twins” series was Third Parties. The crossfire style of debate proved successful to illustrate the difference in outlook from the loony left and the rabid right.

“If elections are an expression of consent, why is turn out so low for Third Parties? And if discontent was heightened, why are there not more Third Parties? The answer lies in the election returns. The fact that a majority of eligible voters no long take part in the process speaks volumes of their support. The public is stating their choice loud and clear: “NONE of the ABOVE”. This is the Third Party that wins the election. When the public deems that there is no ‘real’ difference between the two parties and that their self interests cannot be furthered with their vote, the electoral system breaks down. Yes, the public is frustrated; but they conclude that their vote will never, effectively, change the status quo among the choices that are available. Their lack of participation should not be misread as satisfaction for the current condition.”

The thunderous crowds that flock to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rallies proves that first time voters, the disillusioned and the disenfranchised are attracted to populist substance. Both from the left or the right, the mobilizing message for a self-ruling voice in their government has found acceptance. Even with all this election cycle momentum, the Party elites have rigged their anointment process against both Sanders and Trump.

The smart money is bet on a final selection other than Bernie or “The Donald”.  You ask how the will of the people can be so easily ignored. Well, that is the pattern of the Democrat and Republican Party bosses; namely, only allow the safe candidates committed to continue the crime syndicate rule of America.

In another of the original BATR columns penned over fifteen years ago, The Meaning of Third Parties in America, indicates that both parties are dedicated big government advocates.

“The solution to implement meaningful reform is to defuse the political power that is presently concentrated within the ‘Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle Dee’ parties. The notion that differences between them are based upon core principles, denies the unending descent into ‘collectivism’. The edges have varied shapes, but the centers are formed from the same sponge.”

If you keep voting between donkeys and elephants, you will be swimming in their feces. The metaphor in Fatalistic Reality and Election Futility, compares a staged and fixed sporting contest with the most manipulated and disgusting swindle in our political culture.

“Third party candidates dare upset the rigged pugilistic contest at their own risk. Boxing matches are always staged between two-tied old punched drunk combatants that work for the same promoter. Even when a young upstart is cast into the ring, the results remain the same. Take a dive if ordered, or become the darling of the crowd it serves to fleece the public at the gate.

Elections are not different from professional prizefighting, but shares one additional nuance. The spectacle is the ultimate theater of the absurd. With each, foreign adventure the only victory consolidates the imperium dictatorship. The body count mounts, as the injuries bleed betrayed blood. While the global despots add new chapters to their conglomerate domain, collateral damage is swept off the stage as garbage, since the value of life is relative in the realm of Totalitarian Collectivism.”

Let’s get real.  Most have heard the Einstein quote, but few appreciate its application to voting in the United States. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you want to take back your government or if you are serious about being part of a populace movement that allows for actual citizen participation in a representative administration that reflects the voice and will of the people, acknowledge and work to establish a viable THIRD PARTY in America.

KISS, a keep it simple stupid logo might be the ultimate bipartisan symbol. Embrace three policy positions and avoid all the baggage of the social and divisive issues.

  • The WAR PARTY policy of permanent interventionism must stop and adopt an American First position that rejects the foreign policy of the Democrat and Republican establishment.
  • Abolish the Federal Reserve and return the constitutional authority to the Treasury that issues NON debt created money.
  • Abandon the fraud of “Free Trade” agreements that have destroyed the domestic economy and eliminated living wage jobs to overseas corportatism.

Politically, the only way these policies will ever be accepted in a Congress that is bought, bribed and black mailed into maintaining the establishment order is to organize a THIRD Party faction in EVERY county and state with the expressed purpose of breaking the Demo/Repub election rules monopoly that prevents real and true competition on the local level.

Yes, this attempt could take decades to succeed if people continue to sit on their hands and bitch about election results. You will never get a term limits referendum on the ballot or have congress approve such a law unless citizens start voting third party.

The greatest stumbling block to a rational revolution back to limited government and political accountability comes from the mindset of Rewarding Idiots with Democratic Totalitarianism.

“Watching the culture of prerogative democratic diatribes, advocating the entitlement society, could never take root unless the peasants were conditioned to demand their total cradle to grave guarantees. The pandering is intolerable. The trade off enslavement that is conditional for receiving benefits goes unnoticed to most of the bottom feeders.”

If you doubt this assessment, reflect upon the classic quotation by Elmer T Peterson.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

How can you doubt the validity of this historic observation? However, even if you recognize that our political system teeters on a fragile edge, both elite control and mob intolerance keep voting for the same old failed policies, which can only be described as ludicrous.

By the foolish actions of present generations, they are accepting a society that has no future. Paleo-conservatives lead the charge for time tested and traditional values. Phony NeoCons betray our history for the dream of an American Empire. Classic Liberals advocate the principles of Thomas Jefferson and are almost extinct in the current Democratic Party. Progressive Collectivists are exponents of authoritarian governance and the demise of the Republic.

The Democrat Progressive Party and the NeoCon Republican Party are joined at the hip. Only a broad and inclusive Third Party movement willing to subordinate many of our personal and contentious objectives can attract the across-the-board support to achieve one single objective. TAKE POWER from the two party establishment oligarchy.

Anyone who has labored in the sewer of party politics understands that the most corrupt rise to the top leadership positions in this criminal political syndicate. Reforming these entrenched organizations makes winning the cold war a cake walk. People have no choice as long as they start within the private club of cronyism and compliance to the established order.

Thank Sanders and Trump for awakening the displaced and disillusioned. When this disappointment and frustration in the coming general election is fully realized, do not expect that the party members in Congress will come to your rescue. Start local, break the election cartel with a KISS of common sense. Add a stroke of addition alternatives to every election ballot.

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