Syrian Similarities

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By Larry Wilke:

In reading about the latest “unrest” in Syria, I can’t help but see at least a few similarities between their situation and ours..

“Thousands of Egyptians gathered for a march to the presidential palace to protest the assumption by the nation’s Islamist president of nearly unrestricted powers and a draft constitution hurriedly adopted by his allies..” (“Thousands ready to march on Egypt presidential palace” AP News My Way) OK.. Some may consider that we have an “Islamist president”, however it is a lead pipe certainty that OWEbama and his henchmen and henchwomen having scurrying towards granting him “nearly unrestricted powers”..

As proven by the last four years, the whole “Constitution” thing doesn’t matter to the left.. If the left “wills” it, if they “believe” (they do NOT “believe” this, they have to act in this manner so that their standing as the possessors of the moral high ground, AKA, their REAL “motives” cannot be questioned..) that they are “doing good”, such nonsense as a “Constitution” WILL NOT stand in the way of “progressive progress”..

The idea of “hurriedly adopting by his allies” is yet another example of what has happened over the last four years in America. OWEbamaScare, anyone? Who would have ever imagined that an actual elected official of ANY political party would have had the absolute nerve to claim aloud that “we have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it..” As well, who could imagine that this same politician would still be “employed” in the “profession” of politics? Needless to say, the Founding Fathers would have been shooting and reloading by now, look at how upset they got over tea..

“The country has been divided into two camps: Morsi and his fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, as well as ultraconservative Salafi Islamists versus youth groups, liberal parties and large sectors of the public..” Here in America, the process of DIVIDING America has been the cornerstone of the “unifier, not a divider” known as OWEbama.. The “two camps” in America are actually THREE.. The “fundamentalist” fascists of the OWEbama caliphate and the Marxist minions of the “gimme, gimme, gimme” Democratic voter base, the conservative “loyal opposition” and the THIRD, the “oblivious” who couldn’t be bothered to try to right the ship in November.. By the way, here in America, “large sectors of the public” can be effectively silenced by the baseless accusation of being “racists”..

These two “camps” are described as, “Morsi and his fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, as well as ultraconservative Salafi Islamists versus youth groups, liberal parties and large sectors of the public..” In a very odd twist, not unlike the liberals “definitional inversion” here in America, “ultraconservative” in the Middle East becomes the fascist liberal LEFT here in America and “liberal” groups in the Middle East believe in the freedoms that American liberal Democrats, like the ACLU, wish to eliminate..

One Mahmoud Hashim loudly declared, “we want the presidential decrees cancelled”., Here in America, the chance to “cancel” any number of Democratic “decrees” was available to the nation which had been victimized for four years previous to November but too many must have had other more important things to do for they couldn’t even be bothered to show up.. Those with a short term memory have been reminded that this narrow American election in November has been magically transformed into a “mandate” by those who have now been empowered to victimize the American middle class for another four years..

“Freedom or we die” chanted the crowd.. In what has to be the most glaring of DIFFERENCES between the situations in the two countries, there are NO protests here in America, NO ONE cares and the election of November has assured America’s left that their fifty-year campaign to neuter and hypnotize the nation has been a rousing success..

“The country’s privately owned TV networks planned their own protest Wednesday, when they will blacken their screens all day..” Here in America, the “privately owned” “impartial” media would NEVER consider the concept of such a protest against OWEbama, after all they have spent the last four years apologizing, distracting and deflecting on behalf of OWEbama, right up until the election. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the Libya TERRORIST attack.. I suppose that everything in Syria isn’t similar to the situation in America..

“Morsi’s Nov. 22 decrees placed him above oversight of any kind, including the courts. The constitutional panel then rushed through a draft constitution without the participation of representatives of liberals and Christians. Only four women, all Islamists, attended the marathon, all-night session..” OWEbama and the liberal left will use such a totalitarian template for the final phase of their “Destroy America From Within” platform.

“The charter has been criticized for not protecting the rights of women and minority groups, and many journalists see it as restricting freedom of expression. Critics also say it empowers Islamic religious clerics by giving them a say over legislation, while some articles were seen as tailored to get rid of Islamists’ enemies..” In America, “rights” are ONLY available to “women and minority groups” under the liberal left, and “journalists” have complete freedom of expression as long as they COMPLETELY CONFORM to views of the Democratic elite..

“Religious clerics”.. This one is a bit sticky as CERTAIN “religious clerics” in America are to be humiliated or stoned to death if they too do not agree with the Marxist marching orders. Christian, Catholic and Jewish clerics are to be beheaded for having the temerity to voice and opinion based upon their holy text that runs counter to the Marxist mantras of the left. This is America that I am speaking of, if you don’t believe me, just place a manger upon the lawn of a church and stand back and watch all of the “love thy neighbor”, “big tent of inclusion” fireworks begin.

To “counter” this, the left has “created” their own splinter religious cults that allege to believe in the previously mention “rule books”. These liberal madrassas “believe” in such unusual things as abortion “rights”, bend over backwards fawning to the alternative lifestylers and other such things verboten within the “old” religious teachings..

However, it would appear that the Middle Eastern “clerics” have considerably MORE sway with the liberal left here in America as opposed to overseas.. Were any “leader” of any terrorist indoctrination station here in America to raise a stink over the ALLEGED burning of a certain book, the liberal left with its coconspirators of the ACLU and the “impartial” media would immediately pick up the flambeau of fascism in order to fight the imaginary specter of “Islamofascism”..

I wonder, are there more similarities or disparities between the Syrian situation and ours? Six of one, half dozen of another I suppose..

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