Scared To Death Of Rest Stops In North Carolina

Many women are highly fearful

bathroom predators
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By Kevin Roeten:

Civitas Institute Shines Brightest

The Civitas Institute of the NC Capitol Connection announced in their March edition about the passage of HB-2. Very recently, Civitas had spoken out on multiple-sex bathrooms in North Carolina, and Governor McCrory’s recently signed HB-2.

Specifically, this bill protects the privacy rights of women and children which allowed men to enter women’s locker rooms, showers, and restrooms. This refusal is the most sweeping anti-LGBT legislation in the country. Anti-LGBT terms are catchphrases used as reference for homosexuality or other non-heterosexual and sexual orientations. They also refer to lesbiangaybisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Gays believe this kind of talk is motivated by disagreements with their homophobiabiphobia, and transphobia.

Predators Abound

Unbelievably, many thought the recent ordinance passed by the Charlotte City Council was needed. The problem for many North Carolinians was predators can now access women’s bathrooms. This can include locker rooms, and more importantly, bathrooms and showers. Many women are highly fearful because if Charlotte can intermingle males and females, any city could be next to get this kind of ordinance. Count on every other state in the union jumping on the bandwagon. It’s been found this ordinance is unconstitutional, but if not stopped, other cities will follow suit.

Jumping On LGBT Boat

Hundreds of businesses, including numerous nationally recognized pro-LGBT American corporations, are conglomerating in their attack against pro-family bills protecting women, children and religious freedom in North Carolina. Georgia has since joined the fight with NC as well.

In TFP Student Action’s most popular post ever, you get 10 Reasons Why Same-Sex “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed.

Danger Of ‘Gender Ideology’

A new study exposing dangers of transgenderism has been finished, called “Gender Ideology Harms Children.” The study from the American College of Pediatricians is providing stark evidence so-called “gender ideology” (with people identified as either as male or female) is quite harmful. This is so dangerous they called upon legislators to take specific action: to reject all policies conditioning children to accept this as normal: the chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex.

The study also has several irrefutable facts—no one is born to “choose”, even if they identify with the opposite sex’s hormones. People who believe they are something other than their biological birthrightare highly confused.

‘Transgenderism’ Death

But the most disturbing study statistic, is all the deaths related to their ‘transgenderism’. Rates of suicide are skyrocketing, shown to be 20x greater among adults who used cross-sex hormones and underwent gender reassignment surgery. Suicide rates are increasing so fast, experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital have banned all sex-change operations at their facilities.

It’s highly important to shed light on the radical Homosexual Lobby’s attempts to “normalize” transgenderism, and all the behaviors associated with it. Actually, the ‘Homosexual Lobby’ would rather lie and ignore science, than to address the dangerous implications of their agenda. That’s because they care more about advancing their radical agenda, than the well-being of others. Every time they fight to force transgenderism as a normal behavior in America, they’re further harming the very people they claim are being ‘discriminated’ against.

Businesses Jumping on the Bandwagon

Hundreds of businesses, including numerous nationally recognized pro-LGBT American corporations, are conspiring in their attack against pro-family bills protecting women, children and religious freedom in North Carolina and Georgia. Leaders of the concerted effort to push the homosexual agenda in the two states are two business alliances, Equality NC and Georgia Prospers.

2nd Vote Executive Director Lance Wray says the organized opposition to religious liberty is using their consumers to push its progressive anti-religious views on others. “Georgia Prospers and Equality NC have enlisted…a very powerful, big business lobby in [a] coordinated effort to bully these states to give way to a radical, liberal agenda,” says Wray, according to LifeSiteNews. Wray went on to explain many of these consumer favorites have worked to take away the rights of Americans guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Many of these companies are headquartered outside of Ga and NC, and have aligned with liberal advocacy groups to undermine common sense, but deny 1st Amendment protections for people of faith.

All Gays Are Not Alike

Born in the Q.S.A. Is "the boss" showing his true colors? Springsteen - Born in the Q.S.A.?
Springsteen – Born in the Q.S.A.?

Most gays have the convoluted impression straight people are denying rights. But they fail to realize bathrooms and public restrooms have always been made apart. Why are they insisting on a change now? Why are so many upset so many of the opposite sex must join them in the bathroom? Their privacy has evaporated with this weird allowance. Worst of all, sexual predators cannot be allowed in any woman’s private facility. Predators taking advantage of women’s bathrooms must be avoided at all costs.

One other thing. No more concerts by Bruce Springsteen, who pulled out of his scheduled NC concert because of this restroom flap.


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