Sanctuary Cities: The Beginning Of The End

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Lived In A Sanctuary City?

Sanctuary City is a term applied to cities in the United States who cannot prosecute unauthorized immigrants. It applies to cities not allowing funds or resources to enforce federal immigration laws. This keeps police or municipal employees from checking on anyone’s immigration status.

Actually, no ‘legal’ definition of Sanctuary City currently exists. Specific US cities began designating themselves as Sanctuary Cities during the 1980s. The policy first initiated in 1979 in Los Angeles, prevented police from checking the immigration status of arrestees.

Existing Sanctuary Cities 

Originally, 31 large American cities were designated as Sanctuary Cities. Each city was forced to adopt ordinances banning city employees and police from checking on one’s immigration status.

The number of sanctuary cities has exploded since July, when 276 were counted. Today there is 340, per a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, and the Department of Homeland Security. Adding insult to injury, any illegal criminal incarceration has now changed into releasing approximately 1,000 criminal aliens/month.

Per Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) [between 1/1/14 and 9/30/14], sanctuaries released 9,295 alien offenders headed for deportation. It was determined over 600 criminals were released—many at least twice. A total of 5,947 of the criminal aliens (62 percent) had significant prior criminal histories. Only 2,320 were arrested for new crimes after being released by the sanctuaries. As of last year, 6,460 (69 percent) were still at large. It’s known 3,802 (58 percent) had prior felonies or violent misdemeanors.

Elections Will Change

Illegals in these Sanctuary Cities can possibly put a Democrat, like Clinton or Sanders, as US President. They may not be legal American citizens, but they will be allowed to vote. Even legal immigrants, along with all those illegal cases, have been pouring into the US ever since the former Sen. Ted Kennedy rewrote the nation’s immigration laws in 1965.

It turns out immigrants—both illegal and legal—generally vote Democrat. Now you can bet Democrat candidates know this fact.

The nation’s immigrant population – legal and illegal – swelled to a record 42.4 million in 2013. This is an increase of 2.4 million since 2010. The 42.4 million is double the immigrants in 1990, triple the immigrants in 1980 and quadruple the immigrants in 1970, per Census Data. And it turns out immigrant voting typically goes 80 percent to the Democrats. It’s no wonder Democrats want as many illegal and legal immigrants in the US, whether they’re actually American citizens or not.

Not only do some immigrants tend to become citizens and vote Democrat, but even non-voting illegals count toward a state’s population, as well as its allotted electoral votes. Mark Steyn for Fox News: “So, for example, a state like California, if you didn’t count illegal immigrants, that state would have five fewer electoral votes. Now my entire state of New Hampshire has just four votes.” Are we actually going to just disregard New Hampshire due to illegal entry into the US? What about the fastest-growing states? Specifically, states with the most immigrants get more electoral votes, and the no-growth states can actually lose electoral votes.

Illegal Criminal History

Please try to forget all the illegals coming in with criminal history. All Americans must be ever vigilant with the increasing number of Sanctuary Cities. They seem to be cesspools of illegal aliens, who are running away from crimes. Also are included are radical Moslems running from their countries of origin. Many hardcore Moslems demand total male dominance

Hans von Spakovsky (Heritage Foundation) noted the phenomenon, and how the Founding Fathers, in crafting Article I of the Constitution, and the 14th Amendment, clearly did not envision a time when the US would allow mass immigration.

Here is an accurate, top-notch, presentation about political Islam. The good Muslim people probably never studied their holy books. The warfare brought upon the Christians and other religious people is astounding. We were taught to be apologetic for the Crusades, but at least the Crusades kept Islam at bay for years. It turns out Islam has killed 270 million people over 1100 years. What Dr. Bill Warner hits out of the park, is contained in this link that you never learned in school: []. More Islamists enter the Sanctuary Cities every day.

There is no question terror training camps exist across the U.S. According to a documentary, “Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.,” there are nearly three dozen Islamist terrorist training compounds operating under the name Muslims of the Americas.

America now has its own Islamic ‘no-go’ zones, similar to Sanctuary Cities, where Muslims install their own courts, government, justice and punishment.

Sharia Claims The Country 

In Alexandria, Virginia, which is Bailey’s Crossroad, people are now calling this area Northern Virginia-stan. And don’t forget Dearbornistan, Michigan. Government assurances aliens are being properly screened is “a farce,” per author Paul Sperry. “We’ve brought in so many Somalian refugees that they’ve turned Minneapolis into a terror hot spot. They are very belligerent, very aggressive about asserting their culture onto the West. The Minneapolis mayor is now wearing a hijab when she meets with Muslim leaders.”

How can this religion be allowed in America? The Christian population is set to be a minority in 20 years. Islamic mosques will number well over 5000. Either Democrat representatives will always be elected, or we will live by the whip of Sharia law. And if you’re a woman, you’ll be demoted to a third class individual, or second at best, with no driving privileges.


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