RINO McCain at it again: Challenges Trump on Obama Wiretaps

Does John McCain ever get tired of being the world's biggest RINO?

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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

Does John McCain ever get tired of being the world’s biggest RINO?

Evidently not, as he is foolishly taking on Donald Trump over the Obama wiretap allegations:

A senior Republican lawmaker on Sunday challenged President Donald Trump to prove his claim that his phone was tapped by predecessor Barack Obama during last year’s campaign — or else retract the unsubstantiated allegation.

Senator John McCain, a frequent Trump critic, issued his demand in an interview with CNN.

“The president has one of two choices, either retract, or to provide the information that the American people deserve,” McCain said.

Nearly all of the MSM since the election were claiming that Trump was being wiretapped over the so-called “Russia” connections. “Russians, Russians, Russians!” has been the daily mantra of leftwing MSM outlets such as the New York Times.

The leaks that were repeated 24/7 were all supposedly based on intel that was the result of investigations into these Trump-Russian “connections”.

It is becoming quite clear that the real story here is that the Obama Administration was attempting to influence the election for Hillary Clinton, and now that President Trump has publicly claimed that Trump Tower was wiretapped during the month prior to the election, the MSM has been busy trying to walk back the story.

For McCain to throw down a gauntlet, effectively issuing an ultimatum to a sitting president who is from his own party, would seem to indicate someone who is either incredibly stupid, or is being manipulated by the power elites of the D.C. establishment who fear the outsider agenda of Donald Trump.

In either event, I would have to say that RINO McCain has but one of two choices himself…

Either shut the hell up, or…

shut the hell up.

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Chip McLean
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