Right Is Right

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By Larry Wilke:

As the imaginary “mandate” to TAX the middle class into oblivion rolls on, as OWEbama’s “Taxamageddon” grows nearer, the “loyal opposition” is still scratching their heads and wondering how to proceed..

Mitt Romney said during a phone conversation with “top donors” (Fox News) that OWEbama “provided ‘gifts’ to key groups like black, Hispanic and young voters..” He forgot to mention the unions, but that should be a given. An immediate cry of “foul” was sounded by Bobby Jindal, identified as “a potential 2016 candidate and the incoming RGA (Republican Governors Association) chairman”.. If you parse out the statements of both, each had moments of being right but in the end, when it comes to the best interest of America, RIGHT is right..

Mitt announced that OWEbama’s campaign “focused on giving targeted groups a big gift, he made a big effort on small things”.. He is sort of right.. These “small things”, have been and are still viewed by Republicans as “small things”, and these “small things” have been the focus of the liberal political establishment for over fifty years and in doing so, they have become BIG things.

These are the people that took something as innocuous sounding as “fairness” and turned it into such undesirable Democratic fulcrums as “quotas”, “rights” and “benefits”, for example. If you need other examples of how the left lulled the right into submission, try taking “privacy” and morphing it into the “right” of abortion.. “Small things” left unattended, become BIG things and they do so under the cover of darkness, NOT in the light of day..

Mitt is right but this “game plan” of the left has been chugging along for generations and isn’t it interesting to see that the Republicans are only NOW acknowledging the Democratic deterioration of America, let alone trying to formulate an effective counter to the socialists Santa Claus system of “divide and conquer”, “remove and redistribute”..

As I have said from the outset, the left properly understood that the best way for them to destroy everything about America was to do so gradually, not to drive a bulldozer of Bolshevism through it.. Once the dominoes began to tumble, the accrued momentum of “little things” became “too much” to stop, “too much” when NO ONE wanted to confront the unruly children of the left from the onset and say “NO”. One application of “fairness” begets another application of “fairness” (after all, its only “fair”..) and as those who have been around me for a while should know, the “definitional inversion” of the left makes the end result of the application of “fairness” to be anything but.

Now we turn to Bobby Jindal who thinks that he has an answer to the Democratic “plan” of for example, giving FREE cellular telephones to the nation’s barnacles who reflexively vote Democratic so that those who REWARD them with these types of “gifts” will remain in power so that they can continue to be so generous with the money taken from others..

Jindal “absolutely rejects” the “gift” assertion made by Mitt Romney. Why? Mitt is RIGHT. Trying to say all of the “correct things”, Jindal claims “those types of notions do not represent who Republicans are as a party..” Yoo hoo, Bobby.. With a nation transformed from “producers” to receivers” due to the empathetic generosity of the Democratic Party over the last fifty years along with the ineptitude and ambivalence of the Republican Party, it is not what you SAY that matters, it is what you DO.. The Democrats throw the money taken from others at the Democratic voting base in order to retain power, what can Bobby “say” that can “change” that?

Jindal needs to take note of the FACT that the nation that once prided itself on “producing” (working, being productive, being responsible..) has been carefully transformed into a nation of “recipients”. (Nietzsche’s “transvaluation” where old sins become virtues and old virtues become sins..) The “work ethic” has been replaced with the “sloth ethic”. As long as those who DO NOT “produce” are allowed to vote AT LEAST ONCE, how does telling the nation about “hard work” transform those who have jettisoned the idea of extending ANY efforts on their own behalves as opposed to the inbred Democratic laziness of “fairness”?

Shall we get back to the “mandate” for a moment? The complete economic IED that is OWEbamaScare is already paying Democratic dividends, after all, isn’t it “fair” for everyone to have health care? Formerly “productive” companies are already laying off employees and others are looking to either reduce the hours of their work force (those at less than 30 hours are considered “part time” therefore the health care onus falls to THEM) or raising their prices which will be paid by the consumers. Once enough of these formerly “productive” companies price themselves out of the market, once their prices are so high that consumers don’t consume any longer, MORE formerly “productive” people go on to the Democratic dole..

Papa John’s is considering the “hourly reduction” gambit and Denny’s restaurants have said that they will HAVE to raise prices in order to pay the PENALTIES the Democrats have hard-wired into their “fairness”.. Dozens of companies are already laying off hundreds of employees, Energizer corporation is laying off a full ten percent of its employees, “ten percent” being the NATIONAL unemployment rate that MATTERED NOT to the nation’s voters just a few short weeks ago..

Jindal said “we’ve got to stop dividing American voters, go after every single vote. Show that our policies affect every voter out there..” Actually, go after every INDEPENDENT voter out there but adding ANOTHER four years of OWEbama inspired intentional unemployment, how many “independents” will there be in 2016? How many will be left in 2014? How many MORE Democratic voters the OWEbama unemployment process will create?

Jindal says that they need to “modernize”, develop an “inclusive message” to “reach an increasingly diverse electorate without becoming a second Democratic Party”.. Without watering down Republicanism, how do you do this? Note the very carefully placed buzz words that should set off the alarm bells..

“An increasingly diverse electorate..” What is “diverse” about economics? What is “diverse” about the idea of being employed, about an economy that CREATES full employment as opposed to the creation of an economy that penalizes both productivity and job creation? “Diverse” means that it is now time to play like the Democrats. “Diverse” is a back-handed “salad bowl” kind of nonsense when the idea of “employment” should be the unifying factor, not ones ethnicity..

How is the idea of the nation achieving full employment WITHOUT all of the Democratic burdens in tow NOT a unifying message? What ISN’T “inclusive” about that? How can Jindal expect Democratic voters who have willingly reapplied the chains of systematic Democratic slavery to themselves to suddenly “see the light” and WANT to work again? Why work when all you have to do is stand in line somewhere and some empathetic liberal Democrat will penalize someone else so that you can have an iPhone or the latest basketball sneakers?

If the “message” of the last four years of oppressive OWEbama failure, “historic” unemployment, scandal after scandal, DIDN’T send a clear and unequivocal “message” to the voters, what more can be said by the Jindal’s of the Republican Party? Jindal and company, don’t “change” anything..

Please remember that if 330,000 votes in four states had been registered in the RIGHT column, we would be discussing the “mandate” of Mitt Romney. It is now up to the House of Representatives to hold the line against the unbridled socialism of OWEbama and his Democratic cohorts.

The Republican Party MUST be the alternative to the liberal socialistic Democratic Party, they should not become an “inclusive, modernized” batch of Democratic doppelgangers.. Right is right, left is WRONG.

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2012. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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