R.I.P. Republican Party: RINO-in-Chief Mitch McConnell Presides Over Death of a Once Great Party

RINO-in-Chief Mitch McConnell
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By Greg Holt:

Greg Holt

Mitch McConnell is a two-faced professional politician whose only aim is to remain in control of the Republican Party…

If you have read any articles on Judge Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama to Democrat Doug Jones, then you have read that Mitch McConnell blames Steve Bannon and anything and everything but himself for it. This writer is calling baloney on that one.

We only need to go back and revisit the primary between Luther Strange, Mo Brooks, and Roy Moore to see the evidence of McConnell’s ill advised meddling that ultimately cost the GOP the election. McConnell’s PAC, The Senate Leadership Fund immediately came out in support of Luther Strange, and attacked Mo Brooks spending millions of dollars.

Determined to keep a Freedom Caucus member out of the Senate, McConnell and SLF swung into action with a little over a month to go, spending over four million dollars carpet-bombing Mo Brooks.  They told everyone who would listen that they were going to destroy Brooks. They even hired consultants for a potential primary challenger in his house seat, just to intimidate him (source)

McConnell and the SLF painted Brooks as being very disloyal and unsupportive of President Trump, which had the desired affect – Brooks was toast. The last thing McConnell wanted in the Senate with him was a former House Freedom Caucus member with a strong Conservative voting record, therefore – Mo Brooks had to be stopped and he was.

This writer finds it to be absolutely pathetic that the Republican leadership (insert Mitch McConnell here) spent millions to attack one of it’s own people for no good reason. McConnell is a RINO and desperately does not want a real Conservative in the Senate that is going to take him to task for doing nothing – insert Obamacare repeal here. McConnell continues to hold on to the reigns of power while accomplishing nothing, just as the Elite desire, unless what is accomplished fits the globalist agenda of George Soros and other globalist thinkers.

Brooks was willing to stand up to RINO Mitch:

This past week, Brooks, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said he would not vote for McConnell as majority leader and called for him to step down after the failure of the health care bill. (source)

Luther Strange: Strange was not very well liked or trusted in Alabama, and neither is Mitch McConnell. When Jeff Sessions vacated his Senate seat to be become U.S. Attorney General, Luther was at that time the Alabama state Attorney General under then Governor Robert Bentley. At the time Gov. Bentley appointed Strange as Session’s replacement in the Senate – Strange’s office was investigating Gov. Bentley. Luther Strange was also an establishment-approved candidate. Anyone smell a rat here besides me?

Mitch McConnell in his wisdom (I use that term very loosely) backed a very poor choice for the Alabama Senate seat, and then utterly decimated the one candidate (Mo Brooks) that likely would have defeated Doug Jones. Enter Roy Moore, with Brooks character severely impugned; Moore handily won the primary.

Setting aside the truth or untruth of the sexual allegations against Roy Moore, the mere fact of these allegations being public, pushed hard by the lamestream media, and upheld by many in the Republican Party – Moore was doomed. Keep in mind here – a Democrat has not won the Alabama Senate seat for 25 years! This ought to tell you something.

Mitch McConnell on Al Franken sexual misconduct with photographic evidence:

“Lets investigate”

Mitch McConnell on Roy Moore sexual allegations with no proof:

“Moore must quit immediately or be expelled”

Mitch McConnell is a two-faced professional politician whose only aim is to remain in control of the Republican Party while maintaining his membership in the Globalist Elite’s club while putting the screws to President Trump’s agenda. McConnell supports those who are members of the Elite club of do-nothings that desire the destruction of the United States of America via the Globalist agenda.

The Republican Party in general, and Mitch McConnell in particular make me sick. This writer is so tired of nothing but broken promises, and complete and total disregard for the wishes of the people of this nation. Hopefully the Republican Party’s failure to deliver on promises combined with McConnell’s idiocy will not be the ultimate death of the Republican Party – but I’m not holding my breath.

The Republicans after gaining the majority they said they needed to get things done, have gotten nothing of note done. The Republican Party needs to be a thing of the past. Maybe its time for a fresh start with a different party (Constitution Party?), or the better part of said party needs to be voted out of office and replaced with people like Michael Snyder. You can find a list of Republican candidates that look very promising here.

Meanwhile, the Demoncrats continue to attempt the socialization – or destruction if you prefer, of this country with the help of the Republican Elites. Pathetic…

One last point – while Trey Gowdy did a masterful job of grilling the A.D. of the FBI Rod Rosenstein, and many Senate panels have asked tough questions concerning past scandals such as Hillary’s – what good do all these questions do when there is no action taken to punish the guilty of their crimes? Do you see Hillary in Jail? The Podestas? Barack Obama? Loretta Lynch? Cheryl Mills or Huma Abedin? NOPE

What we do see is Michael Flynn accused of a process crime the FBI entrapped him in by a corrupt investigation led by Clinton loyalists and sympathizers.

America needs to find its collective voice, and that voice needs to get louder, and LOUDER and…

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