Press Release: David Hunter Interview and Book

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(Press Release: David Hunter) — Here is the link to my radio interview with Karen Schoen. Listen from 29:35 to the end of the program:American Freedom Watch Radio – David L. Hunter – Technology Based Planning

David Hunter
Associate Editor

8:30PM EST David L. Hunter


Biography: David L. Hunter is an Associate Editor at “Capitol Hill Outsider” and a “Newsmax” contributor. He’s a DC-based freelance writer with a Master’s in Professional Writing from USC. He’s on Twitter and blogs at He’s featured in many publications including The Washington Post, The Washington Times, “FrontPage Mag,” “Freedom Outpost,” and “The American Spectator.” He also has article archives in “Patriot Post,” “Canada Free Press” and “American Thinker.”


  • What’s technology-based planning and why is it essential to sustainable economic prosperityin America? Today, why isn’t TBP being used by government and private industry: when such systems historically built America into a First World economic and military superpower? (See: “How to Rebuild a First World Economy” in “Newsmax” & The American Spectator.)
  • World changing evidence of the success of technology-based planning is seen in President Reagan’s then top secret the Socrates Project (falsely promoted in the press as SDI): the real causeof Soviet capitulation in the 1980s.
  • How is technology-based planning different from the Trump administration’s focus on risky financial manipulations like tariffs? Why is TBP missing from Trump’s “America First” agenda: when this missing System is indispensable to its long-term success?
  • Why our nation’s 21.6 trillion dollar debt, and China’s use of technology-based planning threatens to make them, not us, dominant in the 21st century. (See: “Overcoming the China Syndrome” in The American Spectator.)

Other related articles of interest: “Trump: Our Generation’s Reagan?” (The American Spectator, October 2017) & “Trump Has Proven He’s Our Generation’s Reagan” (“Newsmax”, October 2018)

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