Paper Trail

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By Larry Wilke:

The liberals have now stated without equivocation that they want the “checkbook”. Well, for starters, they have had the “checkbook” for the last four years and we only have an “historic” debt to show for it. No jobs, no progress, just spend, spend and spend. Just for giggles, in what has to be the “I Won, Volume II” charade, OWEbama sent Turbo Timmy to lay the collectivist caliphate’s “offer” on the fiscal cliff table..

Larry Wilke

OWEbama Solution: Print more money

Here is the gist of the liberals’ “offer”: $1.6 TRILLION in new taxes targeted directly at the middle class (that is BEFORE all of the taxes from OWEbamaScare AND the AMT, Alternative Minimum Tax AND the end of the Bush tax cuts strike..) (By the way, since the liberals are SO fond of the concept of “paying taxes”, the AMT should be retooled.. The “Alternative” lifestylers should be penalized by the “Alternative” Minimum Tax, not the middle class..) A mere $255 BILLION in new Scamulous spending since the FIRST whacks at Scamuli worked so well.. As always, the liberals are ridiculously funny when they are trying to act serious.. It’s the new take on Keynesian economics: Kenyan economics..

Why not, right? WRONG. I say go all “Reykjavik” on them, as Reagan did to OWEbama’s communist contemporary.. This is what logic and common sense say should be done. Look at how many companies are paying out dividends early so as to try to avoid the taxes imposed upon the PRODUCTIVE and the SUCCESSFUL by the reactionary redistributors starting in January..

Its all about the “show” of “making a realistic offer” (stop laughing..) which will be rejected (hopefully) by the Republicans.. The concept of “bargaining in good faith” has no meaning to the Democrats, they just want someone to “blame” and the Marxist marionettes of the “impartial” media will of course be entirely cooperative with this fascist façade..

It’s a “paper trail” that is confounded by the liberal’s inexperience with capitalism.

Lets discuss the “paper” of this “checkbook” that the left is lathering for.. You DON’T write paper checks without having the paper money to back it up. (Truth be told, gold should also be backing up your paper money, too..) THIS is how the Billy Bob/Barney Frank sub prime mortgage scandal came to pass when “fairness” was DEMNDED of banks as opposed to the proven ability to PAY BACK a loan..

The last four years have proven unquestionably that the liberals just want to write paper checks for whatever amount soothes their feral urge to spend what others have earned.. They have done so without having the necessary funds available to backup such socialist sophistry and the result is an “historic” debt. This exposes their inexperience with both the free market and capitalism and this exposure costs US.. They aren’t done, they want more..

OWEbama, empowered by an imaginary “mandate” (more on the liberals powerful “imaginary” mental state later..) wants to have an unlimited ceiling placed upon HIS debt limit.. Why not, how about “QE3”, then “QE4” and on and on and on.. Since “paper” money has no value to the left, why should the left operate under the burden of a ceiling of ANY kind when it comes to how much they can sequester from the productive?

Unfortunately, “numbers” surround this Democratic-created depression and “numbers” are “inconvenient truths” that stand in the way of “progressive progress”. “Numbers” DO NOT matter when you are out there trying to “do good”. Certain “numbers”, that is..

Within the fantasy world of the left, all that a liberal has to do is make a statement and it is immediately accepted as a lead pipe FACT. Enter some blathering Bolshevik of the OWEbama caliphate: “We have created or saved 6 trillion jobs”.. The liberal political corollary: “If I say it, it is true..” The “cost” of OWEbamaScare is IRRELEVANT compared to the “millions who will now get health care”.. Doctors shortages? The typical “waiting” involved in ANY of the world’s other socialized medicine schemes? The intentional punishment of the middle class in order to “fund” the barnacles of the Democratic voter base for their tummy aches? Whatever, we’re out here “doing good”, YOU figure it out..

When the Mayor of a city like Detroit actually says in pubic, “We are in an environment of entitlement” (Yahoo News) you have to do a double take.. In the perverted mind of the left, there is NOTHING wrong with harboring or enabling the “entitlement” mentality because they are “doing good” and someone else has to pay for it.. The “entitlement” mentality has been the default Democratic setting since the nation turned against the Democrat’s OTHER form of slavery due to its obvious violence and destructiveness..

The “paper trail” is narrowing as the cost conscious collectivists now want to do away with the paper dollar and to replace it with a coin. (Yahoo News) This will “save”, according to those who have NO IDEA what it actually means to “save”, “4.4 billion over the next thirty years”.. A few thoughts..

Due to the destructive diligence of the Democrats, the “dollar” itself has NO VALUE any longer regardless of whether it is made from paper, metal or wood.. The idea of “saving 4.4 billion over the next thirty years” is comical since those “savings”, imaginary though they are, will be erased within the next two weeks due to the burden of the OWEbama Historic Debt..

Of all of the “paper”, the most EXPENSIVE “paper” has to be all of the “bills” passed by the Democrats. In the last four years, I do not recall a single Bolshevik bill NOT passing and the negative results of such stupidity will penalize the productive within America for generations to come..

As just one example, the fifty-thousand page progressive piffle known as OWEbamaScare, the liberal’s wet dream of socialized medicine.. Interlarded within the trillions of narcoleptic words are trillions of dollars worth of penalties, fees or taxes, whichever the Supreme Court would like to call them. The whole “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it”, the rush to bribe Nelson, Landrieu and Lincoln, not to mention Specter and on and on, have left us with an endless series of burdens brought about by the “environment of entitlement”..

We have become a nation of receivers and the not-so old Democratic maxim of “ask not what your country can do for you” has been replaced with “why HASN’T my country done this for me yet?” (We shall not get into the fact that a number of those asking/DEMANDING that AREN’T really “Americans”..)

With all of this “paper” we have allowed the “checkbook” full of “paper” to be in the hands of those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2012. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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