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By Larry Wilke:

Outer space alien-looking “journalist” Sam Donaldson couldn’t resist the impulse to display his “impartiality” a few days ago whilst sharing a stage with Christabel Matthews, she of the “tingling leg” syndrome.. Donaldson exclaimed to the “Tea Party”, “it’s not your country anymore, its our country..” A few thoughts on this topic, if I may..

The WORST part of the Tea Party phenomenon was NOT how the Democrats and their Marxist minions of the “impartial” media handled them, it was and IS how they have been handled by the Republicans. I unfortunately noticed this first hand shortly after the Tea Party began gaining nationwide momentum at the CONSERVATIVE CPAC convention in 2010 in of all places, Washington D.C..

At that seminal event the “mainstream” Republicans crowed over and over about emphasizing “relationships over righteousness” and “coalitions” as they privately perspired about the presence of the Tea Party. I pointed out at that time that as OWEbama was clucking about his own “public option”, the Tea Party was the TRUE example of a Democracy’s “public option” in the political cesspool, thus the reason that it was a threat to BOTH of the established political parties.. Thus when Matt Damon said only a few days ago that the political system is “rigged”, he was correct in more ways than one..

The Democrats weren’t truly afraid of the Tea Party, they knew that with the help of the “impartial” media, they could easily marginalize the Tea Party as being “radical”, radicalism being a concept that the left knows all too well.

For fifty years the left has made THEIR version of radicalism “chic” through transvaluation, therefore the “threat” came from the “everyday Americans” of the Tea Party.. They could just lump the “mainstream” Republicans into the sewage of progressive propaganda through the tarring and feathering the Tea Party and the job was done..

Here we have the Democrats who have enthusiastically embraced the most RADICAL of the left, knowing that their endorsement would then transfer directly into Democratic VOTES yet the Republicans considered the Tea Party, improperly painted as “radical” by the “impartial” media and the GENUINE “radicals” of the left, to be the political equivalent of Typhoid and therefore deserving of quarantine.. Why would ANY political party want to walk away from such a large number of votes?

The goal was to silence the Tea Party by any and all means necessary and I would wager that this was an agreement made through one of the “coalitions” between the two parties because the Republicans never seemed to fight that hard against the liberal Democratic propaganda..

Just as the nation hasn’t stood up and said “no” to the domino effect of the liberal’s prized perversions over the last fifty years, the road towards the docility of the Republicans to the obviously predictably outrageous criticisms of the everyday Americans of the Tea Party was written in stone. The Republicans decided that the votes of the Tea Party weren’t worth fighting for. They simply figured that they wouldn’t vote for the “alternative” who have FOUGHT to make the “alternative” into the mainstream for over fifty years.. I suppose that they never considered that the “alternative” to such sophistry was for those so insulted was to stay at home on election day..

Second, if it’s “our” country, as Sam said and if the members of the Tea Party are Americans, then it’s OUR country as well. The liberal “big tent of inclusion” drops its totalitarian tent poles when ANYONE disagrees with their tenets.

In the dystrophic “world” of the left, your opinion is of no value if you disagree and taking that concept even farther, the left seeks to make the concept of “disagreement” to be “hate” and going farther, they then make such “hateful” disagreement to be “illegal”, as in a “crime”.. This is all done in order to silence the opposition without having to fire a shot. “Free speech” simply does not exist if your exercise of it clashes with the preconceived perversions of the left. The FIRST salvo unleashed by the left when confronted with disagreement is the elimination of YOUR Constitutional rights.

If the nation had never thought to disagree with the Democrats, (the Democrat’s OLD version of) slavery would still exist as the Republican Party was founded upon the principle of overturning the hideous concept that had been warmly embraced and enabled by the Democrats..

The Republicans ALLOWED the marginalization of genuine Americans to continue because it threatened their ability to build “coalitions” within the “old boy network” of political poison. “Coalitions” are what end up costing American taxpayers trillions when a bill about a crosswalk for turtles being painted in Florida ends up interlarded with billions in irrelevant pork for all of the members of the “coalition”. (As if my flippant example of a crosswalk for turtles isn’t irrelevant enough..)

The Tea Party represents the concept that the federal government’s power ENDS with the Constitution, it doesn’t BEGIN there as the liberals and even the Republicans, seem to think.. (Or should I say, “represented” as time has extinguished the justifiable furor that ignited the movement. Please note that the REASONS that the Tea Party came into existence are STILL in place and are STILL functioning dysfunctionally.. As a matter of fact, as previously mentioned, the “reasons” the Republican Party came into existence are still in place though the progressive paradigm has changed to a “kinder, gentler” version..)

The Tea Party would have never needed to exist if ANYONE would have listened. Could it be that the last gasp of the Tea Party concept was the Chic Fil A Day protest? The duplicity in the silencing of the Tea Party by the Republicans undoubtedly cost the Republicans the election in November and the election in November will result in an upping of the ante by the Democrats who are still hallucinating as they inhale the odor of their mythological “mandate”..

Speaking of “costs”, using the last four years as your template and then understanding that this election “empowered” those that “got us into this mess”, what will the loss of the last election “cost” us not only in the long term but in the short term? I shudder to think..

Now that time has passed and now that the “magic” of BOTH of the established political parties have insulted and humiliated everyday Americans from the thought that their opinion actually matters and as these Americans are being assaulted by what is supposed to be THEIR representative government, it seems that NO ONE is listening anymore..

No one NEEDS to listen when the opposition has been rendered silent through chicanery..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2012. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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