Our Last Warning?

not only did the voters not learn their lesson, neither did the Republicans

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By Larry Wilke:

This title sounds ominous doesn’t it, “our last warning”…

No, this isn’t about ANOTHER fictitious Marxist money grab like globaloney warming or climate change or whatever the liberal left would like to concoct in order to appear appropriately aggrieved while lining their progressive pockets.. No, this isn’t about some monstrous meteor plummeting towards the Earth which only the liberals and their steadfast belief in their own “science” (see the above mentioned globaloney warming..) saves the world.. No, this about something that appears small in the overall scope of things: the next election..

One would hope (and change) that after the idiocy of 2008, the outright stupidity of the OWEbama “sham”paign and the ever cooperative loyal opposition placing a candidate on their ticket that couldn’t light a fire under the Republican voters with a drought, matches, gasoline, a lighter and an Acetylene torch, that 2012 would have brought about REAL “change”.. Nope, the left trotted out the Black Bolshevik again and the Republicans countered with Mitt Romney, a Republican that was as exciting as a dial tone..

As cooperative and accommodating as the Republicans were and even with the classic Democratic push to encourage inner city “voters” to be so kind as to vote on behalf of ALL of their dead relatives at least four times each, the elections of both 2008 and 2012 were closer than the left had wanted..

Even after four years of systematic socialist destruction, the intentional, wanton attacks upon the middle class laughingly pawned off to the imbecilic as “targeting the rich”, from OWEbamaScare on backwards, the loyal opposition put yet another firebrand on the ticket.. It seems that not only did the voters not learn their lesson, the Republicans didn’t as well..

In the past eight years enough “numbers” have been created by the collectivists (nearly $20,000,000,000,000.00 in DEBT and that is just for starters) and I am certainly not a fan of “numbers” or “statistics” in general but here are just a few numbers that need to be repeated.. Again and again and again if necessary..

333,908.. No, this isn’t the accumulated outright lies told by OWEbama (please refer to the above mentioned 20 TRILLION for a closer estimate of accumulated lies..) Now add to that the innocent number “4”.. No, this isn’t the number of collectivist concubines that the Benghazi Bovine has caught Billy Bob with.. (Again, refer to the above mentioned 333,908 for a much closer estimate of Billy Bob’s bimbos..)

333,908 and 4..

Mitt Romney lost four states by a total of 333,908 votes.. Again, IF we could eliminate ALL of the votes cast by dead Democrats from the inner cities, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, BUT.. The four states were New Hampshire (40,659) Florida (73,858) Ohio (103,481) and Virginia (115,910).. (As well, McCain even tallied 81,000 MORE votes than Romney in Ohio but the overwhelming undertow of the Ohio inner city “vote as many times as you can get away with” campaign will always win if left unchecked..)

These miniscule vote totals would have IMMEDIATELY brought about a landslide of liberal lawsuits replete with “hanging chad” and all of the necessary puling and bawling if the “right” candidate hadn’t won.. Yet there was hardly a peep from the passive Republicans who inexplicably rolled over and played dead.. This was AFTER four years of intentional Democratic destruction AND the usual Demcratic voter hi jinx..

Lets go back to 2008 for a moment.. During that pivotal election only 61.6% of the eligible voters found the time to actually vote. (Beating the dead, pardon the pun, horse again, we STILL cannot estimate the number of inner city multiple votes cast for the Democrats..) In 2012, AFTER four years of liberal lunacy, only 57.5% of eligible voters found the time to vote.. The total vote tally from 2012 showed that there was ONLY a 3.9% difference between OWEbama and Romney. (51.1% for the Dark Side, 47.2% for Romney)

In 2008, McCain received 59,934,814 votes after a campaign that was a sure cure for insomnia.. Mitt Romney received 59,634,222 votes in 2012, a difference of approximately 300,000 LESS votes and that was AFTER four years of carcinogenic collectivist chicanery..

As always, those who decided NOT to participate in the voting process determined the outcome of BOTH elections. Even AFTER all of the historic illegal Democratic inner city vote stealing, those who sat on the couch determined the end result that WE were saddled with..

So I have to ask: how many of you are going to sit on the couch while the Benghazi Bovine and her collectivist caliphate sing the same socialist sonnets as the Brown Clown did in 2008 and 2012? Silence is golden and silence means gold for the Democrats..

Has complacency overtaken the American ambition and energy that won two World Wars? Is the “it’s not my problem” head in the sand sloth of today’s Iphone Facebook addicted Apple head cultists become the norm in a country where the “norm” has been transformed through transvaluation into something sinister and evil? The old saying, “there are only two certainties, death and taxes” should be revamped to say “if you make the RIGHT choices, the only certainties are death and LESS taxes”..

“Corrupt the young. Get them away from religion. Encourage their interest in sex. Make them superficial by focusing their attention on sports sensual entertainment and other trivialities.. Always preach true democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. Encourage government extravagance, destroy its credit. Produce fear with rising prices, inflation and general discontent.. Encourage disorder and foster a lenient attitude towards disorders. By specious argument, cause the breakdown of the old morals, virtues, honesty, sobriety and self restraint. Cause registration of firearms (to) leave the population defenseless..”

Who said these words? When did they say them? Based upon the pathetic performance of the Democrats within the past sixty years, it could easily be found within the text of ANY of the Democratic Party platforms produced at any heretic hajj that has taken place since 1968..

These were the abridged words of the Democrat’s symbolic leader Joseph Stalin from 1921.. Needless to say, the Democrats have taken these words to heart and they have become the foundation of their perverted politics for over sixty years..

Is this our last warning? Has OUR complacency led to OWEbama’s crippling debt, our embarrassment upon the world stage, crisis after crisis, from Fast and Furious to Benghazi, and has it left a legacy as dark and unforgiving as the Medusa’s stare of his hideous wife? Without a doubt, a resounding and emphatic YES..

I have said all of this to say that this isn’t our last warning, it’s MY last warning…

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2015. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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