Judge Robart of 9th Circuit: What Are You Thinking?

Why is this lawyer in a robe putting Americans at risk?

Judge Robart
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By Frosty Wooldridge:

Frosty Wooldridge

How many more terrorist events do we need to suffer to finally shut down our borders to all immigration?

Would U.S. Judge James Robart stop President Trump’s executive order if those refugees landed in his town to go to school with his kids?

The crux of the refugee problem:  nameless federal officials and religious organizations like the Lutheran Church and Catholic Charities force refugees into hapless cities—without any concern for American citizens of those communities.

Whether you look at the destruction of Lewiston, Maine 10 years ago by Somali refugees who shredded that town with cultural chaos or Somaliland in Minneapolis, Minnesota with 100,000 Somali refugees living on welfare with zero ability to become contributing members of American society—the people at the top remain untouched by the consequences.

The rest of us pay our taxes, which pay for those refugees to live for free for the rest of their lives. And, that’s what’s happening.

But in the case of terror, we American citizens suffer the Boston Marathon bombings to the Christmas killings in San Bernardino to the massacre at Orlando.  And, another dozen terror events in between!  Anyone can spit them off the end of their tongues as to beheadings in Moore, Oklahoma; stabbings at the mall in Washington State, stabbings in St. Cloud mall, Minneapolis; Muslim terrorists in Garland, Texas; honor killing in Rocky River, Ohio; stabbings at Ohio State University and on and on and on.

This may come as a sobering shock to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Robart who justified overturning Trump’s “extreme vetting” executive order covering seven mostly Muslim countries by claiming there is “no evidence” those countries have produced a terrorist.

The Center for Immigration Studieswww.cis.org, compiled a list of 72 U.S. residents from those seven countries who were convicted of terror-related charges.

The United States has admitted terrorists from all of the seven dangerous countries:

  • Somalia: 20
  • Yemen: 19
  • Iraq: 19
  • Syria: 7
  • Iran: 4
  • Libya: 2
  • Sudan: 1
  • Total: 72

The report showed 17 individuals entered as refugees from these terror-prone countries. Three came in on student visas and one arrived on a diplomatic visa.

“At least 25 of these immigrants eventually became citizens. Ten were lawful permanent residents, and four were illegal aliens,” said a CIS spokesperson.  “These immigrant terrorists lived in at least 16 different states, with the largest number from the terror-associated countries living in New York (10), Minnesota (8), California (8), and Michigan (6). Ironically, Minnesota was one of the states suing to block Trump’s order to pause entries from the terror-associated countries, claiming it harmed the state. At least two of the terrorists were living in Washington, which joined with Minnesota in the lawsuit to block the order.”

The question grows large in the national mirror reflecting the insanity of our immigration system: what in the devil are we doing to ourselves as a nation?  What causes our leaders to commit us to national suicide?  How many more terrorist events do we need to suffer to finally shut down our borders to all immigration?   Why are we the dumping ground for everybody else’s problems worldwide?

Whether you look at the destructive sociological impacts such as parallel societies being created in Dearbornistan, Michigan or Somaliland, Minnesota or  “Everybody else’s city” New York City or the religious Muslim terrorism of female genital mutilation, women as property and arranged marriages to honor killings or the current fragmentation of our society as shown by the violent demonstrations—where do you think we’re going to end up Judge Robart?

The jelly bean metaphor:  if someone gave you a bag of 10,000 jelly beans, but warned you that 10 of the jelly beans were poisoned—would you let your kids eat from the bag of jelly beans?

Well, would you Judge Robart?  You see, parents and friends are still living in pain over the loss of loved ones at 9/11, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, Orlando, Chattanooga and countless other terrorist events in America via Islamic terrorists.

It’s been said, “Radical Muslims are snakes; moderate Muslims are the grass they slither around in.”

Fact: Islam promotes a social-economic-religious mandate of violence right out of the 6th century.  It hasn’t changed in 1,400 years.  It’s not going to change any more than a snake can change its fangs.

Only reasonable solution: shut down all Muslim immigration into the USA and all Western countries.

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Frosty Wooldridge
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