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By Larry Wilke:

I would like to begin this with a hypothetical. Since this is being directed at the liberals, (as ALL of our thoughts and actions should be..) this is therefore a hyPATHETICal discussion..

Without going into the reams of accurately supportive evidence over the last four years (something that is NEVER required of a liberal when they make their completely baseless allegations..), four years that we ALL have had to struggle through, after all of that intentional destruction, OWEbama managed to win reelection in November.. I have series of questions..

Exactly what do the liberal Democrats have to do in order for them to LOSE an election? Just how much damage directly caused by the liberals affecting the United States for generations to come would be enough to cause its voters to cashier collectivism? Using the last four years as your template, how much WORSE do things have to become so that ANYONE ELSE can win in order to oust the collectivist caliphate and begin the process of “righting” the ship?

Gun “control”. Again, we must refer to the totalitarian template when it comes to the “definitional flexibility” within the liberal lexicon..

When it comes time for the liberals to want more of your money for redistribution, they invariably trot out their hilarious claim that they want to “tax the rich”. The use of the word “rich” properly enflames the urchins and the moochers of the lowest class who have been systematically chained to the liberal Democratic Party by their “saviors”. They know that it will soon be time for a “raise”..

The problem is the liberal “flexibility” within what should be the obvious monetary definition of the word “rich”. Suddenly under the liberals, “rich” includes the entire middle class.. Such “flexibility” needs to be taken into account in terms of the liberals new “war on guns”..

As well, in order for the liberal’s to need to move quickly and in an even more vague and obscure manner, they must create the necessary hysteria, which then gives birth to a heated “crisis”..

Once the left establishes that a “crisis” exists, they can then throw anything out there because “action” is immediately needed. “Direction” and “results” are irrelevant, this is a “crisis”, we need “action”.. As just ONE example from the last four years reveals, the “crisis” of health care begot the “OWEbamaScare” gibberish that was “sold” in the following devious manner, “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it..”

Fill in ANY liberal “cause” and note that the left almost immediately seeks to confer “crisis” status to it. Globaloney Warming, the “crisis” of education (a crisis CREATED by the liberals and their Marxist minions which can ONLY be “fixed” by more tax dollars because the “problem” exists ONLY due to a “lack of funding”..) and on and on and on..

In public, they are crowing about “assault rifles”.. What they really want are handguns. Strange things always seem to happen when the liberals are forced to define their terms so keep their “flexibility” over the “rich” in mind when they start braying over “assault rifles”..

At the collectivist coronation, some talentless black crooner lip synched the words to the National Anthem.. A few thoughts..

Did this bovine “lip synch” because she didn’t know the words? This explanation would not surprise me nor would the changing of the words surprise me either.. “Change” such as leaving words out that have been deemed “hateful” or “exclusionary” as interpreted by the liberal left..

Actually, the concept of some idiot singer lip synching the National Anthem goes hand in hand with OWEbama “lip synching” the oath of office..

There are a few certainties within the progressive pantheon and one of them is the FACT that the liberals believe that they are without question, smarter than everyone else. They believe that they are “educated”. I beg to differ..

They aren’t “educated”, they have been “indoctrinated”. As well, they have been hypnotized.

The left also uses the political tool of “hypnosis” on the rest of America with distinctly different results..

The hypnotic pattern used by the left on their underlings quickly stated is “get moving zombies, you have your orders..” Relative to the rest of America, the hypnotic dial tone drone is “you are getting very sleepy, sit down, resistance is futile”.. One is a call to action, the other is a call to inaction.. Last November proved that this WORKS..

I am trying in vain at this moment to figure out how the liberals could be so popular with what to me is an inordinately large number of Americans.. Let’s just call them “enough Americans to win an election”. Relative to this “popularity CONtest”, there has to be some type of reason or reasons other than these fanatical followers being under-intelligent or overmedicated.. Or both..

The liberals want everyone to believe that they are the “victim” of something. What they are a “victim” of is usually something imaginary and ethereal, something that NO ONE other than a perspicacious progressive can put a dirty finger on.. What you are a “victim” of is always something that the liberals, without any supportive proof or evidence, can encapsulate within a few syllables. You are a “victim” of some “-ism” combined with the subterfuge of an “-ist” or three.. (This encapsulation also translates very easily during election cycles into bumper stickers and buttons..)

The liberals want everyone to believe that they are the ones who are fighting for the “victims”..

The liberals are “looking out for the little guy”.. They are ALWAYS “looking out for the little guy” in order to KEEP the “little guy” in his or her proper place as a “little guy”. The left doesn’t want anyone escaping the liberal Democrat’s lowest class through such disruptive things as “individual initiative” so they spend grand amounts of time properly destroying any possibility of the occurrence of ambition and self esteem in those that they must control..

Yet, it is liberalism by its very demented nature, that CREATES “victims”.

Therefore, their popularity is a CON, just like every other element of liberalism..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2013. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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