How to Explain Obama’s Odd Risk-Taking?

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By John Lillpop:

For one reportedly obsessed with his legacy,  Barack Obama seems to be voluntarily and defiantly assuming some very peculiar  risks.

For instance, his  unwavering decision on importing Syrian refugees: Top administration officials have stated that US vetting procedures are weak, and offer scant little assurance of keeping ISIS thugs from entering the US.

Furthermore, the details of the San Bernardino massacre confirm the notion that bad guys(and gals) can, and will, wreak havoc on innocent Americans given the chance.

Why, then, is Obama willing to risk admitting tens of thousands of Syrian refugees whom cannot be vetted with any degree of confidence?  Surely he must know that should an un-vetted refugee go bad and kill an American(s), his legacy, and that of the entire Democrat Party, would be forever trashed.

Is he so enthralled with Islam that he is willing to take such an imprudent risk?

Or is he really such an unbelievable dunderhead?

Or both?

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