Hillary Clinton wants to silence comedian critics

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By Chip McLean:

So now comes word that Hillary Clinton wants to silence comedians who make fun of her. According to the Daily Mail, Hillary has demanded that the comedy club Laugh Factory take down a video featuring five different comedians who made unflattering remarks about her marriage, Monica Lewinsky, pantsuits and possible sexual orientation.

Laugh Factory boss Jamie Masada said he got a call from someone high up in the Clinton campaign making these demands and basically threatening him with shutting him down if he failed to comply. Masada said they even wanted the names and phone numbers of the comedians in the video.

Someone needs to tell the Hildebeast that this is not the old Soviet Union, and that there is something in our constitution called “freedom of speech” that we take quite seriously.

An incident like this is just one more glaring example of why people don’t trust her – and even more importantly – why they shouldn’t vote for her.

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