Donald Trump’s Bizarre Obsession With “America First”

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By John Lillpop:

John Lillpop
Associate Editor

Barack Obama Never Thought in Terms of In the Best Interests of America!

With just a little over four months in office, President Trump has revolutionized the tone and tenor by which the US government approaches governance— domestically as well as in relations with foreign entities and institutions.

Rather than constantly apologizing for American power and vast moral, military, economic, and political superiority, the Trump administration unashamedly declares “America First” in both words and actions.

Such pro-American macho predictably outrages America-hating leftists like Barack Obama and his progressive minions, all of whom favor a dainty, meek Uncle Sam bending over to kiss the posteriors of world leaders, foe and ally alike, and joyfully paying for the honor with hard-earned dollars of American taxpayers.

Unlike his failed world citizen predecessor, Donald Trump offers no apologies for being “all American” and quintessentially jingoistic. In his clear-headed vision, Mr. Trump correctly sees other world leaders as committed to the narrow interests of their individual nations, sans any concern about America’s fortunes.

After all, that is what leaders are supposed to do, right?

All of which is why Trump’s rejection of the Paris Climate scam has caused, and is continuing to cause, such upheaval world-wide and among dedicated loons here at home!

How else to explain the evil, anti-Trump hatred demonstrated by Kathy Griffin’s morbid attempt to sell her disgusting portrayal of Donald Trump’s decapitated, bloody head as “Political Satire”?

Imagine the reaction of progressives– both media and common folks— if forces on the political right had attempted similar “satire” with Barack Obama as the beheaded subject!

The fact of the matter is that the bitter outrage descending on the as-of-now intact head of Donald Trump is due, at least in part, to the eight years of impotent, failed leadership from Barack Hussein Obama who never considered the “best interests of America” when deciding issues such as the federal deficit, illegal immigration, and other vital matters germane to the health and prosperity of Americans!

To the credit of American patriots, we the people responded to Donald Trump’s clarion call to make America Great Again, and in so doing, elected a fearless warrior dedicated to doing the best for we Americans!

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John W. Lillpop
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