Donald Trump: Agitator-In-Chief

Draining the swamp begins with stirring the sludge.

D.C. manure pit
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By Charlie Lyon:

Charlie Lyon

Draining the Swamp Begins with Stirring the Sludge…

There is still much to learn from observing nature.

On a modern dairy farm, for example, everyday thousands of bovine produce tens of thousands of gallons of manure.  The manure is pushed into deep pits awaiting its transport to surrounding fields for fertilizing crops.  Transferring it to tractor tanks requires the use of powerful pumps that, if not monitored regularly, can break down or plug up.  One of the biggest culprits in slowing down the manure pit draining process is the sludge that accumulates in the pits.  The sludge is made up of damaging debris and heavy sediment that clogs the pump hoses and shuts down the operation! The most effective way to keep this from happening is to keep the sludge stirred up! By keeping the heavier sediment swirling through the lighter liquid chances are better the crap will continue to drain!

Analogies are useful so far as they help us understand the meaning of things. Is Washington D.C. a swamp or a manure pit?

I’m guessing Candidate Trump, who promised to “drain the swamp”, has quickly realized that DC is drowning the country in something far more toxic than swamp water!   As a crowd pleasing chant, “drain the swamp” is understandably more polite than “pump the sh*t pit”. But as an analogy which is closer to reality?

What President Trump is proving remarkably adept at –and as far as I know he has no dairy farm experience– is agitating the pit. Using a vile, bitter, hostile, deranged media in the same way a farmer would use a gigantic stirring stick, he is able to expose the damaging debris of political cronyism and swirl the sediment of a deeply entrenched wealth robbing regulatory bureaucracy clogging up free markets, the rule of law, and personal property rights.

So while the Democrat media machine continues to go apoplectic with every Trump tweet and the Never Trump Republicans hyperventilate over every perceived gaffe, let us mind the machinery that delivered the Agitator-In-Chief at just the right moment in our nation’s history. Allow me another literary device, an acronym, to remind us of our continued responsibility to help drain the pit: P.U.M.P.

P is for Purge. Socialism, Communism, Political Islam, wealth redistribution, lawlessness, and political correctness have no place in a healthy and free society.  We must be vigilant to seek out, expose and remove these evil influences in our communities.

U is for United.  The opposition to the Principles of Liberty is vicious.  They are skilled in deception, divisiveness, organization and perdition. Our strength is in unity. Let us not allow the siren voices of doubt and despair to dishearten and defeat us!

M is for Manhood.  As our culture has become feminized we’ve become paralyzed with fearfulness about what we can say and do. Language confusion is moral confusion.  Trump stands for something deeply desirable in good men: the courage to punch back! Get Strong in understanding the ideas of liberty. Stay Strong in protecting them!

P is for Purity. Jesus Christ, King of Hearts, said ‘Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they will see God.’ If we would see America Great Again, Americans must become Good Again. There is a direct correlation between the purging of God in the public square and the confusion of soul in our language and behavior.  In other words, we can’t know goodness without God-centeredness. A favorite author observed, “If you care not for purity there is One who can make us care by the consequences of not caring.”  America is experiencing the consequences of not caring for moral purity: the genocide of abortion, gender and marriage confusion, broken families and insidious political corruption.

As surely as the gentle cows will always produce manure, so political corruption will always churn out toxic waste. By keeping it Agitated and we can turn it into something useful: a lesson for future Americans to be ever vigilant to protect true liberty!

© Copyright by Charlie Lyon, 2017. All rights reserved.

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