Butt-head Ted

Cruz was roundly – and deservedly – booed off the stage

Ted Cruz blew it
Butt-head Ted
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean
Chip McLean

“Vote your conscience.” With those words, Ted Cruz broke a pledge that he and all of his competitors signed – namely that they would support the ultimate nominee of the Republican Party.

With delegates chanting “endorse Trump”, Cruz decided to put his own ambitions ahead of what is best for this country.

Cruz was roundly – and deservedly – booed off the stage.

Cruz’s actions proved what many have been saying for awhile regarding the senator – that he is an egomaniac who has no loyalty to anyone or anything other than himself.

Mr. Cruz proved – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that what I wrote about him back on March 14th this year, regarding his unbelievable statements that the George Soros funded disruptions of Trump rallies were the fault of…Donald Trump, was true:

Everyone with a brain that has been keeping up with things knows that these “protests” were professionally orchestrated by leftists – leftists who have ties to George Soros organizations who are indeed funding these disruptions in an effort to shut down the free speech of a presidential candidate.Ted Cruz blew it

Ted Cruz blew it – big time. Here was his chance to differentiate himself from the establishment. Ted should have said something along the lines of, “While I have some differences with Donald Trump, this organized effort by a bunch of leftist thugs to shut him down is deplorable and un-American. This clearly shows the ugly face of the far left, and stands opposed to the American values that we both hold dear, such as freedom of speech.”

Ted Cruz by doing this, could have gained favor with a large number of voters that he needs…

Instead, Ted Cruz chose to blame Trump for the actions of those who truly are the enemies of freedom and the America we believe in.

By doing so, Ted Cruz has shown himself to be a callous opportunist – an insider who has been playing at being an outsider – an establishment pretender.

When I see Ted Cruz now, I see the face of moral cowardice.

Ted, I’m voting you off the island.

With one final opportunity to demonstrate both statesmanship, and unify the party, Ted Cruz blew it… again.

I knew he would – his character was totally revealed when he wouldn’t tell the truth about those paid demonstrators.

Ted Cruz kept claiming that Donald Trump wasn’t a “true conservative” like he was – that Trump was a poser.

Well, now the whole world can see that it was Ted Cruz who was the poser the entire time.

As Sarah Palin (a one time supporter of Cruz) so aptly said, Cruz should “delete his career”.

With any luck, the good people of the great state of Texas will petition to have Cruz recalled. We don’t need crass opportunists like this in the US Senate.

I would tell Cruz to go home, but unfortunately for Ted, he (belatedly) renounced his Canadian citizenship – especially unfortunate as it’s the only genuine citizenship he’s ever had.

In the meantime, while Donald Trump may have called Cruz, “lyin’ Ted”, I’m going to remember him going forward as “Butt-head Ted”.

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Chip McLean
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