Bill Kristol Needs to Shut Up and Go Away

More abject stupidity from the quintessential neocon

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By Chip McLean:

Not that it comes as any surprise but Bill Kristol – editor for the Weekly Standard (more like the Weekly Substandard) is already talking about what potential RINOs he would like to see run as third party candidates in the event that Donald Trump becomes the GOP presidential nominee.

Neocon Kristol’s short list includes Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton.

Obviously none of those guys could win as Republicans, so the chances of any of them winning the general election as a third party candidate is about as likely a prospect as Ted Cruz passing up an opportunity to steal some Trump delegates.

So if they can’t win, what’s the point?

Rhetorical I know, but Kristol is so pro-establishment, that he’s hoping a third party would siphon away enough votes to deny a victory to Donald Trump.

Denying Trump of course means electing Hillary Clinton.

As Kristol claims he’s a Republican, that’s an act of sabotage.

So why doesn’t Kristol simply endorse the Hildebeast?

Does he really think that he’s remaining loyal to the party by engaging in such obvious subterfuge? Does he really think that by not directly endorsing Hillary, it gives him cover?

I would have to say with Republicans like Bill Kristol, who needs Democrats?

Shut up and go away, Bill.

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Chip McLean
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  1. This is exactly why Trump will be the GOP nominee. Old hard line Republicans are bound and determined to decide (on their own) who is best for America. They had rather have a Democrat in the White House if they can’t have THEIR own nominee. How arrogant! Time for a campaign to boycott The Weekly Standard and remove these type politicians from office.

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