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By Larry Wilke:

Why? How many parents have heard this response when they have asked their child to do or not to do something? Usually when a young one gives this response, it is a stalling tactic, a deflection that is usually accompanied by the “sad eyes”..

As annoying as that response invariably seems to be, the person giving that response MAY be looking for more definitive proof of the statement that you had previously made..

In relation to the election of 2012, I find myself asking the question “why” with all too great a frequency.. “Why?”

“Why were the debates necessary?” On the face of it, the debates were completely unnecessary. The REALITY of the OWEbama four-year record of complete ineptitude, catastrophic failure on all fronts, economic, foreign and domestic, makes the idea of a “debate” as laughable as an OWEbama campaign speech.. But we must look BEYOND the surface to find a very compelling reason for the necessity of the debates.

Larry Wilke

Larry Wilke

The debates were the only opportunities for the world to see and to hear the candidates WITHOUT the IMMEDIATE “filter” that is applied to the words of both candidates. Even so, the ALLEGEDLY “impartial” hosts of the debates, like Candy (I REALLY need to stay AWAY from candy) Crowley, tried their not-so level best to tilt the scales BEFORE or shortly after the candidate’s words were spoken.

The consistently sad debate performances of OWEbama had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Cicero himself could not have effectively defended the OWEbama RECORD of the last four years.

The “impartial” media, which proudly wear their socialist hearts on their sleeves and their OWEbama buttons on their lapels, began to “spin” everything on behalf of OWEbama as soon as the words were spoken. As each debate ended, the “cut and paste” mentality of the OWEbama supporters who overwhelmingly dominate the “impartial” media dissected and dismissed the effective words of Romney and they inflated the impotent mutterings and grunts of the defeated OWEbama.. Those few uninterrupted hours were of extreme importance to the Romney campaign and the polls showed it..

“Why ISN’T the media even remotely ‘impartial’?” The simplest answer for this question is because we have ALLOWED the media to become PARTIAL.

Those that know better, mostly out of habit, still tune in to media outlets that have cavalierly adopted the idea that they should MAKE the news as opposed to “reporting” it. The profession has lost its dignity and their decorum and their blatant bias should be considered grounds for a “journalistic malpractice” inquiry..

To give but ONE example, it has been EIGHT WEEKS since the terrorist attack upon our Embassy in Libya and the docile “impartial” media have done everything possible to avoid doing their jobs in relation to uncovering the OWEbama Democratic cover-up of their malfeasance. This is but ONE example, there have been dozens of other examples over the last four years.

“Why can’t we speak the truth about the last four years and the devastation of the OWEbama record without being accused of some sinister, imaginary ulterior motive?” Because the “truth” in relation to the OWEbama record of the last four years is the intellectual equivalent of a clove of garlic around your neck, a cross in your hand and a wooden stake in your pocket..

For generations, the left has been ALLOWED to sidetrack the efforts of those who have the best interests of America through the bizarre juxtapositioning of the “burden of proof”. Seemingly before the accused can be accused, they now immediately claim to be the victim of some invisible “-ism” and the accusers are now the accused.. Now the accuser has to defend their MOTIVES before they get around to providing the proof of the wrongdoing of the accused. Within the perverted world of the left when a member of the left is the accused, the accuser must prove THEIR innocence first..

When confronted by the facts, the left ignores your argument and adopts the look of the aggrieved (the “sad eyes”) and they then launch into a mono-syllabic attack upon your character, ignoring completely your superior argumentative position.. You are then REQUIRED under the liberal rules of engagement, to defend YOURSELF against the indefensible (and the imaginary.. This has proven to be quite effective because this allows the left to escape THEIR OWN futile attempt at defending the indefensible record that they have established..)

“Why are the polls so close?” Since the overwhelming number of the available media outlets are blatantly biased on behalf of the liberal agenda, “polls” conducted can be construed in such a manner that makes their bias appear to be fact. The “average” poll contains the “opinions” of about 500-1,500 people and the “results” of the poll can be “adjusted” by how the polling questions are constructed. We NEVER hear the questions that are asked of those polled, we only get the “results” and the “results” had better support the liberal agenda or the poll is cashiered on the spot..

“Why would ANYONE be so complacent about the damage that has been done to America both domestically and internationally over the last four years?” This is the “why” that is the most perplexing of ALL of the “why’s” that all of us routinely ask..

If politics didn’t have ANY effect on EVERY American, I could very easily understand anyone’s ambivalence with the entire putrid process. Whether anyone likes it or not, there isn’t a single area of your life that ISN’T directly effected by the workings of the political machinery, local, state and federal.. An effective politician can effect you in many positive ways from a lessening of the burden of individual taxation to a strong economy, which helps you in the job market, and on and on and on.

An ineffective politician, not unlike the one in the highest office in the land over the last four years, DIRECTLY effects you in any number of ways. An economy driven by exorbitant taxation DOES NOT create jobs and always leads to the loss of jobs, possibly yours and it doesn’t get any more “politically personal” than that.. An ineffective and wasteful government constantly has to bleed its citizens in order to feed their lust for taking from others in order to redistribute and on and on and on..

I am going to try to be as diplomatic as I can possibly be.. The last four years have been DOMINATED by a group of ineffective Democratic politicians and a citizen of this country has had to only be mildly observant in order to understand and to correctly comprehend the source of the pain that the citizens of this country feel every day. Looking to another “why”, “why would anyone be so masochistic, why would anyone want to reward such destructive inefficiency with ANOTHER four years when the results of which will be far WORSE than the hideous and horrible four years that have preceded it?” The simple answer is often the right answer, “follow the money”..

If the proper decision is made by the voters who manage to make it to the polls tomorrow, (and that is ANOTHER “why”, “why DIDN’T you vote?”) I will be left to ask, “why did it take you so long to awaken to what has transpired around you for the last four years?” Or possibly, “why was it so close, this should have been a double-digit landslide..”

If the logically unthinkable happens tomorrow, I will be left to ask, “why did you allow it to happen AGAIN?”

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2012. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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