When It Comes to Homeland Security Issues, Who Can We the People Trust?

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By John Lillpop:

Among the more heart-breaking scandals emerging from the  Obama presidency is the widespread loss of public trust in the veracity of what the president and top officials in his administration say to we the people.

Example: Recently, Obama issued a statement which sought to reassure Americans that the vetting process for Syrian refugees is exhaustive and can be relied on to cull out potential ISIS members who might be among the maddening crowds of mostly widows and orphans,

However, serious reservations about the effectiveness of government vetting have been openly voiced by both Republican and Democrat members of Congress and by other administration officials.

The dilemma for we the people is knowing who to trust. After all, Obama lied repeatedly to America about ObamaCare, among other important issues.

Significantly, the New York Times and other media outlets have alleged that the “books have been cooked” to make the administration’s efforts against ISIS appear more successful than warranted by cold hard facts!

The obvious question: If the truth is being deliberately embellished with respect to the overall success of efforts against ISIS, why should government claims about vetting of refugees be believed?

Who can we the people trust??

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John W. Lillpop
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