We’re All Going To Starve

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By J.D. Longstreet:

You may have seen this a few days ago:

“UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013

• Global grain reserves hit critically low levels

• Extreme weather means climate ‘is no longer reliable’

• Rising food prices threaten disaster and unrest


If this comes as news to you — then you have not been paying attention.

See, a number of us from the “conservative commentariat” have been warning of just such dangers for years now.

Just so we are clear — I don’t buy the UN’s global warming/climate change excuse. Weather is what weather IS — period. The earth has periods that are great growing seasons and we have some periods that are lousy growing seasons — and — since man first set foot on “Terra Firma,” there have been periods of famine and starvation. World overpopulation had nothing to do with it then, either.

The warning that earth will be struck by famine next year blames low grain reserves as one of the contributing factors. I can’t argue with that.

Question: Is the US the only country to burn their grain in their automobiles and trucks? Hum. Just wondering.

Conservative commentators have been warning for years now that this day would come — and if we didn’t stop burning our food we were going to find ourselves with empty pantries and empty bellies. It would appear, if the UN (that paragon of virtue) is to be believed, that day has all but arrived.

If the next President of the US really wants to do something useful for the American citizens — and the world– he will, somehow, see that we stop producing ethanol and commit our farmland to, once again, growing food for America and the world.

The whole ethanol thing is the height of stupidity. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

First and foremost, we are burning our food supplies, corn, especially! Second we are damaging our automobiles by burning that “white lightening”/”moonshine” as fuel. And a car burning ethanol does not, repeat, does not, get as much mileage from a gallon of fuel as ethanol-free gasoline does. That is a FACT.

Here in SENC, where I reside, at least one service station sells ethanol free gas. Motorists drive from miles around to buy it because their cars and trucks get better mileage and they don’t have to worry about damage to the engines in those vehicles wrought by the alcohol/ethanol.

Not only has the production of ethanol reduced the amount of available grain on the world market, it has driven the price of the grain that IS available sky high. As a result, we may be on the brink of worldwide food riots.

Haven’t you noticed the increase in your grocery bills each week? Practically everything on the shelves and in the freezers of the supermarkets depends, to one degree or another, on corn.

Read the labels on the cans and you will clearly see the corn product included in the contents. As far as meats are concerned — corn is THEIR food, and after they are slaughtered they are driven to market in vehicles now operated partially on ethanol, a corn product.

The impact of that single product, ethanol, is having a world-wide effect on the human race. It may yet lead to food wars.

It is 100% fixable!

STOP PRODUCING ETHANOL. Knock holes in the ground and begin sucking OUR oil out. Begin processing that oil-laden shale and oil-rich sands and squeeze all the oil we can get out of them. Flood the American market with domestic crude oil — from our own wells!

Within a short time, America will have enough fuel — AND FOOD — to replenish our stores as well as feed the American people — and we can place the reminder on the world market at prices third-world countries can afford.

Look. This whole thing could have been avoided by not buying into the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind — global warming, and by common sense planning.

Look. This food (grain) shortage was a forgone conclusion. A fool could have foreseen this grain shortage. You cannot burn your food supplies and not expect to run out of food at some point in the future.

Please don’t harangue me with claims of an unreliable climate. The climate has always been unreliable. Ask any farmer. They have known for millenia. They PLAN for it.

Good leadership and good planning could have avoided all this. Unfortunately, the US — and yes (for the most part) — the remainder of the world is not currently blessed with either.

What we have here, ultimately, is a hoax that has come back to bite us in the butt. Planning for global warming, which does not exist, was the catalyst for the creation of ethanol in the first place.

I must tell you, it sort of makes me wonder if the “environuts,” who believe the earth is overpopulated and that man is the root of all evil done to “mother earth”(Gaia), were aware at the formulation of the food burning plans that it would result in world-wide starvation. Starving the planet’s occupants will most certainly reduce the earth’s payload of humans and save the earth from said creatures.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? .

Look. I’m a country boy. My family and I will eat, rest assured of that. My concern is that we country folk may be forced to take up arms to defend our food supplies from the threat produced by the flood of starving city dwellers who will inevitably invade the countryside in search of food. Fueled by hunger they will be determined to take what they need from those just as determined to stop them.

Sounds like bad science fiction, eh? Problem is — it ain’t fiction.

There are two articles I’d like to recommend to you. They are:

“UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013”

— and —

“Food Scarcity: A Ticking Time Bomb”

In less than a week Americans will go to the polls to choose the next President of the US for the next four to eight years. May I be so bold as to suggest that every voter consider just how important it is, not only for America, but for the entire world, that we choose wisely?

I would be less than responsible if I did not point out that the current US Presidential Administration consists of disciples of the type of planning that has led us to the doorstep of worldwide starvation.

Americans should vote as if their life depended upon it — for ultimately — it does.

© J. D. Longstreet

J. D. Longstreet
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