Warning: Obama’s Green Money Scheme Exposed – Part Two

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By Sharon Sebastian:

Rare is the opportunity where you can make a critical difference. No need to leave home, spend money or expend energy. With simple computer keyboard clicks you can stand for freedom, combat America’s enemies and become a solution to the problem and not an indolent part of it.

America is waging war on two main fronts. The ongoing terrorist threat is obvious. Less apparent, but equally as dangerous, is the loss of freedoms through a well-organized, United Nations’ sponsored coup on America’s sovereignty. Local, state and federal governments are being infiltrated at a swift pace under the guise of “going green” under the U.N.’s Green Charter.

Long backed by President Barack Obama, it is a scheme that allows confiscation of private wealth and property. Only informed and proactive citizens can stop it. By wresting away control of local governments, the foreign threat with the backing of the Obama administration has spread quickly. It is known as the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and ICLEI. Actions to combat Agenda 21 have proven successful in numerous towns and cities from College Station, Texas to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, from Carver, Massachusetts to Amador County, California where citizens and local government officials have taken action and tossed it out of their towns.

If you and your neighbors do not know about the threat from within to your hometowns, then you cannot combat it. President Barack Obama has nominated Gina McCarthy to become the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. In 2010, McCarthy reportedly vowed “not to sit around and wait for congressional action” when imposing stringent environmental “green” regulations on American homes and businesses. Translated, that means both the Congress and the American people will be ignored as this administration forces dramatic and costly changes to how Americans live and what they can own. As team Obama serves a handful of global elites and not American families and businesses, expect such headlines as: “EPA Chief Disregards Congress” and “Obama and McCarthy Overreach EPA Mandate with Onslaught of Regulations.”

There is a reason why this administration wants to bypass Congress and ignore Americans’ best interests. It is about money. A group of American and globalist elites have devised a game plan to reap vast personal fortunes at Americans’ expense. As an example of how your state is being infiltrated, the state of Colorado has been designated by anti-American activists as “The Jewel of ICLEI” and Agenda 21. Colorado is the beta test — the how-to-example for taking over a state’s resources including land, water supply, transportation, electricity usage, business permits and citizens’ personal property and wealth. (To understand the threat, listen to the entire YouTube interview posted below titled: WARNING: Agenda 21, Soros, British Petroleum (BP America), Rockefellers and Others – Agenda 21 ICLEI: Global Governance click here.

The following additional YouTube videos and various links further expose the danger. As an American under threat, your time is now to step up and be counted. Listen to and share the YouTube videos and articles posted below and then send a link of this article/website to fellow Americans and your local, state and national representatives so that they will have no excuse.

The time has come to be a defender of your family and your freedoms. All causes you fight for — whether Constitutional rights, religious freedom, fiscal responsibility, military readiness or protecting the disabled, elderly, unborn and indigent — will all be overridden by and succumb to the controls of the power-elites of Agenda 21. If you choose inaction – look nowhere else to place the blame. Once informed, you as an American must choose to stand or fall.

The following resources are available on the Internet, in plain sight, for public review.

Agenda 21 Threat to Americas Towns, Cities, and Personal Property:

1. American Policy Center YouTube A Message from Tom DeWeese on Agenda 21 CLICK HERE

2. LibertyInOurTime YouTubeAgenda 21: How Will It Affect You? CLICK HERE

3. LibertyNewsNetwork1YouTube What is Agenda 21?CLICK HERE

4. ResistNWOrderYouTube — Important to listen until interview ends  — WARNING: Agenda 21, Soros, British Petroleum (BP America), Rockefellers — Agenda 21 ICLEI : Global Governance ~ Hunter & Hodges – CLICK HERE


1. Obama’s Green Money Scheme Exposed – Part One: – CLICK HERE

2. Homeowners vs. EPA Home InvasionCLICK HERE 


ADVANCED TUTORIAL: How to Take Action Against Agenda 21 & ICLEI:


2. Freedom Advocates –  How To Stop Agenda 21 & ICLEI :  ICLEI Primer: Your Town and Freedom ThreatenedCLICK HERE

3. Freedom Advocates – Government Officials Tutorial – Misprision of Treason Primer: Responding to your City’s Association with ICLEICLICK HERE  

Take action for your family, your neighbors and your country. Email a link of this article and this website to fellow Americans and to Congress. You can make the difference. The research, commentary and websites presented represent the views, opinions and hard work of the American Patriots who are so notated. Share this information at weekend block parties, town meetings, community clubs and with small business organizations to begin a grassroots movement to defend your town and your nation. It is your call to stand or fall.

© Copyright by Sharon Sebastian, 2013. All rights reserved.

Sharon Sebastian
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