U.S. Can Win Economic War with China

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By David L. Hunter:

David Hunter
Associate Editor

Washington Times’ writers Daniel Gallington and Abraham Wagner are spot on that the war with China is largely economic—and they’re winning.  That’s because America has lost its all-important competitive advantage. While our government is distracted with risky financial manipulations like tariffs—and mistakenly reinventing the wheel with R&D—China is stealthily collecting, combining and exploiting technology to create cutting edge goods and services.  While U.S. companies penny-pinch—and mistakenly focus on artificially elevating stock prices—China, unopposed, dominates global markets at will.

Such systems are known as technology-based planning.  TBP is the main reason for China’s meteoric rise (and our relative decline) in the modern era.  For historical context, such a system was President Reagan’s then top secret weapon used to win the Cold War against the Soviet Union.  Promoted falsely as SDI, Mr. Reagan demonstrated with scientific certainty to Gorbachev that TBP could beat the Soviet Union both economically and militarily. Chillingly, China engages wholeheartedly in this process that all of Reagan’s successors have foolishly abandoned.

Thus, China enjoys the resulting sustainable prosperity we lack.  While they thrive and economically “bully” other countries, trillions have been added to the debt.  Despite the Trump administration’s obvious gains, the critical problem of deficit spending goes unaddressed.  Clearly, something more still needs to be done.  That’s why technology-based planning is vital to preserving our nation.  It’s the missing element indispensable to the long-term success of President Trump’s America First agenda, and the proven key to win the war with China.


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