Trump Support Grows, Much to Chagrin of Media & RINO Establishment!

Americans are finally waking up to truth

Trump immigration speech
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By John Lillpop:

John W. Lillpop
John W. Lillpop

Donald Trump continues to defy conventional wisdom and the corrupt coalition of RINO Republicans and hostile media when it comes to the 2016 presidential sweepstakes, as the race officially enters the “dog days” of the most intense, bitter struggle for power in the history of American politics.

Some polls indicate that The Donald enjoys a five- plus point advantage over his corrupt, low-energy, sickly rival, Hillary Clinton, who despite outspending Trump by tens of millions of dollars, trails the populist billionaire as the race enters the final decisive days.

As reported:

Republican presidential nominee continues to build his lead in the Los Angeles Times’ daily tracking poll, beating Democrat Hillary Clinton by over five percent on Friday.

Trump leads with 47.3 percent support, while Clinton lags at 41.7 percent. The poll surveyed 2,560 eligible voters.

Trump had 46.7 percent support on Thursday. Most snap online polls showed voters saying he won the first presidential debate.

The next presidential debates take place on Oct. 9 and Oct. 19.

And so it is, all across America, American voters appear to be waking up to the truth, recognizing that another term of Marxist, anti-American leadership like that of Barack Obama could very well spell the end of the most prosperous, free society in human history!

Which is why Donald Trump may very well catapult into the Oval Office, despite the anti-American conspiracy between mainstream media and GOP-RINO establishment!

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John W. Lillpop
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