Things Are Not As They Seem

The forces of darkness were dealt a severe blow

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By Rob Pue:

Rob Pue
Rob Pue

In 2008, many were stunned at who had been selected as president of the United States. I remember that night, the huge crowds of people celebrating in all the major cities of America.  Here was a man who had seemingly come from nowhere, an obscure senator from Illinois, who had done NOTHING of significance in government, and he was being hailed and praised by MILLIONS as their “messiah.”  Yes, they actually used that word.  Finally we had “progressed” to the point where we could celebrate America’s first “black president.”  And although we were told that we should never judge anyone by the color of their skin, that seemed to be his main selling point.  I knew right then that something was amiss.  Things were definitely not as they seemed.

Obama promised us Hope and Change… so… Are we better off in America today than we were eight years ago?  Let’s refresh our memories with just a few of the highlights:  His very first day in office, he held a meeting with all the military chiefs and announced a dramatic shift to the way our country would deal with the war on terror.  All references to “Islam” were erased from security briefings and terror training manuals.  No longer were any of us allowed to use the words “Islamic Terrorism,” and HE  would certainly never utter them.  Many have wondered why this is.   Does he just not ‘get it’?  Does he really not see what is plain and clear to EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET?  No, of course not.  But you see, to him it’s not terror.  To him, it is SUCCESS….   The rest of the world sees savages beheading Christians and Jews: men, women and children, being burnt alive or drowned in cages or sold as slaves.  HE sees “good deeds” being done for Allah.  You see, the REAL reason he will not speak the words “Islamic Terrorism” is that he, himself, is a devout Muslim, and for him to speak or even imply such things would be to commit blasphemy under Sharia Law.  He would die before committing such a sin.  For that matter, his Muslim brothers would make sure of it, if he ever did.

Then came his world wide apology tour, in which he visited as many Islamic nations as possible, PHYSICALLY bowing down to their leaders in abject submission, while symbolically vowing AMERICA’s submission to all things Islamic too.  Today, Islamic terror has expanded ten-thousand-fold. Jihadi attacks and beheadings are an every day occurrence — even increasingly here in America, and ISIS has promised their flag will soon fly above the smoldering remains of our White House.

Obama used his bully pulpit to spread the word, far and wide, that to be critical of Islam was to be bigoted and hateful.  And so he created a thing known as “Islamaphobia.”  While professing to be a Christian, he openly bowed to Islam every day of his reign, so that even as attackers — COUNTLESS TIMES, RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA — were shooting, stabbing, burning, and setting off explosives as they shouted “Allauh Akbar,” NO ONE WAS ALLOWED to “jump to any conclusions” that these attacks were in any way related to the Islamic religion.  Vilifying those with common sense has been paramount to his fundamental transformation of America.

We could go on listing the countless other ways Obama has aided our Muslim enemies: the “Arab Spring,” Benghazi, the creation of ISIS, the mass invasion of Europe.  Opening our borders wide, allowing more enemies free access.  Emptying out Guantanamo Bay;  refusing to listen to the CIA and FBI when they warned of Islamic terrorist threats.  Decimating our military resources, filling our armed services with homosexuals and transvestites while FIRING all the Commanders, Generals and Admirals who objected.  Need I even mention the nuclear deal he made with Iran, even as Iran was yelling “DEATH TO AMERICA!” and holding our people hostage?  Or the billions MORE in cash sent to Iran as ransom?  And this man, Obama — this ENEMY of America — has never been called to account for any of his treasonous acts.

Then, of course, there were the race wars.  While Obama was hailed as our first “black” president, an honorable man could have had an unprecedented opportunity to put an end to racism in this country once and for all time.  But Obama did just the opposite, never letting an opportunity for anarchy and chaos to go to waste.  I don’t remember all these riots and conflicts and all this racial hatred and tension prior to Obama’s reign.  Do you?

The list of Obama crimes goes on:  There’s his misuse of the IRS — targeting Christians and conservatives for persecution.  His many and frequent extravagant vacations at our expense.  His deliberate destruction of our healthcare system.  The replacement of honest judges with corrupt ones in all sectors, all doing his bidding.  Re-writing the definition of marriage; pandering to the 0.2% of our population who are confused about their own gender; opening the gates of our borders wide, removing all security, killing domestic energy industries, fomenting hatred and violence against our police officers, adding more debt than the previous 43 presidents in the previous 240 years of our Republic COMBINED;   the highest number of Americans on government subsistence EVER with over 94 MILLION Americans out of the workforce.  I could go on… remember his “genius” plan called “Cash for Clunkers” where they took perfectly good cars and poured liquid glass into the engine blocks to destroy them, and then PAID people for their destroyed cars so they could go into debt to buy new cars they really could not afford?  Bet you forgot about that one…

And as things have progressed to the boiling point, this past election year was the culmination of 8 years of intense frustration by Americans who have had their rights continually trampled and who felt unable to do anything about it.  Moreover, it was a repudiation of the “Establishment Republicans” we hired to represent us and to fight back against the tyranny, but instead did nothing at all but get rich and live in luxury at our expense.

They gave Obama everything he wanted on a silver platter.  Rather than do their jobs, they decided to just approve Obamacare so they could find out what was in it.  (No matter to them, they were exempt).  And no fight at all when the Supreme Court ruled “Sodomite Marriage” was suddenly “legal” in all fifty states.  Apparently none of these politicians are smarter than a fifth grader, because that’s the year I learned in civics class that the Supreme Court does not MAKE laws.  Now that I think of it, I don’t recall a single presidential candidate that seemed to know that either — at least none with the courage to say it out loud.  Not one.

What’s more,  none of these great Statesmen bothered to come to the aid of the Christian photographers, bakers, florists, or restaurant owners who were persecuted, fined and lost everything because of their faithfulness to biblical truth regarding marriage.  Not one.

The result of the election seemed to take EVERYONE by surprise… at least everyone who relies on the mainstream press.  Some of the TV news anchors were in actual TEARS when they realized Trump had won.   But from my vantage point, I could not envision it going any other way, IF it was to be a legitimate election.  You see, things were not as they seemed —  not as the mainstream media would have us believe.  They “cooked” the polls, telling us Hillary was ahead in every state in every poll…  But yet the alternative media — (the very ones Obama is now trying to silence, calling them “fake”) — kept showing us the truth:  Donald Trump had thousands of people at his rallies, and he was holding them in sold out stadiums.  Meanwhile, Hillary could barely fill a high school gymnasium.

Alternative media also proved that it was the democrats who were being disruptive and violent at Trump rallies, rioting, blocking traffic and beating people up.  Meanwhile the narrative of the Mainstream Press was that it was those “crazy right-wingers,” the “Republican Fascists” who were so violent.

Through Alternative Media, we learned how the democrats had cheated —  even their own candidate, Bernie Sanders; because as much as they WANT socialism in America, they didn’t think socialism could win quite yet, so they made sure he didn’t get a chance.  But then the cheating continued with fake ballots for Hillary, “faulty” voting machines that conveniently changed peoples’ votes from Trump to Clinton…  and bus loads of fake voters — voting early and voting often!  Even Obama invited illegal immigrants to vote.  Does anyone recall a single Establishment Republican calling “FOUL” on that one?  Me neither.

But you can’t say Obama didn’t make good on his promise:  he HAS fundamentally changed us from the inside out.  The minds of our young people have been utterly corrupted and indoctrinated with the socialistic/communistic agenda.  Evil is good and good is evil.  They will claim their ideology is all about “love” and “tolerance” even as they’re  raising their fists, stomping our flag and burning down your place of business.  It’s our young people I worry about the most.  State indoctrination in public schools from age 4 and now they want to provide college for FREE so as many as possible can drink the poison Koolaide!

After the election was over and it was clear that Trump had won, the real sparks began to fly.  Those college students who have been fully brainwashed, had a full-scale meltdown.  They HATE Donald Trump with a demonic passion, but they cannot tell you with any measure of logic exactly why…. they just hate him.  (Such is the nature of brainwashing).  They argue that Trump uses “locker room talk.”  …Even as they CURSE AND SWEAR some of the most vile, foul, filthy things I have ever heard in my life.  They say he does not have the temperament to be president, even while they have public tantrums and post them on Facebook, threatening suicide because they are so distraught.  Colleges across the nation are bringing in GRIEF COUNSELORS to help the students deal with Hillary Clinton’s loss….  they are giving these young adults teddy bears, coloring books and Play Doh to help console them.  This is our future, folks.  They’re providing them with “safe spaces” where they can wallow in pity and share their outrage that America has a new leader who has promised to take us in a different direction than their feminized, transsexualized college professors advocate.   This is how THICK the anarchist indoctrination is within our colleges.

And all across America, there have been riots in the streets.  Now, the mainstream press is at it again, trying to get us to believe that a MAJORITY of Americans are OUTRAGED at the outcome of the election.  But once again, things are not as they seem.   We’ve seen ads seeking to hire rioters, offering $18 an hour for up to 77 hours a week, bringing mayhem and destruction, and we have seen rows of buses bringing these paid rioters in to march, swear, curse, burn, have temper tantrums, vandalize, loot, beat people up and smash and destroy property.  The more violence the better.  That’s ANARCHY folks, and that is what George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Socialists are all about.  As “president,” Obama has NOT called for calm.  On the contrary, he has urged the vandals to “not be silent.”

So what is next for America?  Obama has said he would like to return to his passion:  Community Organizing, continuing the “important work,” he has started.  This, to me, sounds like a threat to instigate civil war in our land:  to continue his level best breaking down the walls of our borders, while building walls of hatred and division among our people;  funding and organizing even bigger and more violent riots than those we have seen throughout his term in office.  Already there are threats of a massive riot in Washington DC on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Will this mark the start of America’s next civil war?  God only knows.

I believe, if given the opportunity, Trump could really do a great job.  He is a successful manager and businessman, and he surrounds himself with those who are the greatest in their fields of expertise.  I believe he recognizes the disaster that Obama has been to our nation and our world and truly wants to try to stop the bleeding and heal our wounds.

The trouble is, millions of Americans have bought into the liberal, anti-God ideology the left has spewed over the past 8 years, like raw sewage into the minds and hearts of all who would listen.    Our young people now equate Christians and Patriots with hatred, bigotry, and phobias of all kinds.  In reality, we just want our country back, our Constitution back, the rule of law back.  We’re tired of being told we are “deplorable” because we believe in God.  We want chaos to be replaced with civility.  We want Good to be called Good again, and Evil to be called Evil again, and kept out, rather than welcomed in and pridefully celebrated.

Many of us have been greatly encouraged to see the forces of darkness dealt a severe blow.  The evil of the American Democratic Socialist party has received an unexpected and well-deserved slap in the face — perhaps from God Himself.  But now is not the time for us to relax.  We look forward to January 20th, as that evil tyrant leaves our White House;  but let us also remember, this is just the beginning of the battle.  There is much work to do and the evil ones are fully funded, fired up, militant and angry… Like the hatred of Satan on steroids, and they’re coming for us!  Let’s all remember, we are where we are today because our apathy allowed it to get this bad.

I hope we’re up to the task of rebuilding now…  it is going to take as many Americans as we can get to pull together, to reject hate and division, to seek healing, and most of all, to seek God and His forgiveness.  This can be the start of something great, or it can be the start of great tribulation and disaster.  We dare not relax or let our guard down now.  “For when we shall say, ‘Peace and safety,’ THEN sudden destruction cometh.”  I’m not prophecying here.  Just saying, …things may not be as they seem.


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© Copyright by Rob Pue, 2016. All rights reserved.

Rob Pue
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