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By Larry Wilke:

The “results” of the election are in (in some cases, Allen West is still fighting.) but the real problem is that the “results” are going to be more of the same “historic” destruction as we have suffered through for the last four years. The “voters” have decided and even though millions LESS turned out, the “results” are starting to look EXACTLY like the last four years.. Surprised?

(For what may be the last time, the ONLY relevant statistics from 2008/2012 elections will be repeated for your edification: 2008: 61.6% of eligible voters responded, 2012: 57.5%. 333,908 votes cast properly in four states, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire would have CHANGED the outcome in 2012. McCain received 59,934,814 votes in 2008 after a scintillating campaign that was a sure cure for insomnia, Romney received 59,634,222, a difference of approximately 300,000 votes..)

Here are just a few morsels from just yesterday alone.. One day down, another 1,300 OWEbama masterpieces to go..

Israel was attacked by TERRORISTS (The “T” word in the OWEbama cowardly cover up liberal lexicon) from Syria and Egypt. The Syria move against Israel is logical in that it is a chance to “rally” the areas Arab miscreants to their side as an obvious cover up for their “activities” over the last eighteen months as they “fight” the Arab Middle East archenemy..

For those oblivious to recent events within Syria, the Syrian government has exterminated approximately 35,000 of its own citizens as it vainly tries to cling to power. OWEbama has been completely mute over this travesty, proving that the liberal cry of “genocide” is ONLY used for their political puling benefit.. Meanwhile, OWEbama coconspirators of the “impartial” media over at CNN used FAKE footage of Palestinian “injuries” relative to the Israeli retaliation to being ATTACKED.. No mention made of the Hamas rocket launchers located in between a “hospital” and a terrorist teapot.. (Breitbart)

On the same day that a useless union caused 18,500 Americans to lose their jobs at Hostess Bakeries, medical supply manufacturer (medical device manufacturers, soon to be the targets of the OWEbamaScare ire..) Stryker CUT 1,170 jobs, thanks to an OWEbamaScare “excise tax” or “penalty” or whatever redistributionist ridiculousness the liberals would like to call it.. The OWEbama Democrats made no mention over ANY “jobs saved or created” as the election is OVER, the need to outwardly lie in relation to their job destruction has expired.. Good thing as they’re busy outwardly lying about Libya..

The oddly unconvicted Al $harpton (Freddy’s Fashion Mart for starters..) and other “snivel rights leaders” are “advising” OWEbama about the “fiscal talks”.. (Weekly Standard) Makes as much sense as Michael Moore squatting to advise Oprah about Jenny Craig..

Proving unequivocally that Botox causes brain damage, the California Raisin Pelosi said the following during a routine press briefing. Here is how she answered a question from someone on CSPAN, “Is it the 11th Amendment or is it the 14th? Whatever, I’m with the Constitution..” You have to admire the specificity of the liberals when it comes to the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold.. Then again, its not surprising that they have such a hard time remembering the pesky Constitution as opposed to their obvious grasp of the Communist Manifesto..

As the CONTINUAL cover up of the OWEbama/Rodham failure in Libya marches sideways, trying to get OWEbama stooge Rice to admit to the OWEbama election cover up over the TERRORIST attack upon our embassy in Libya has elicited the default response from House Democrats who said that Rice is being “mugged” and “battered” (Breitbart) because.. Wait for it.. She’s black..

News flash: she IS black but she is also a coconspirator in the OWEbama cover up over four American deaths at the American Embassy in Libya. Fox News tells us that female House Democrats have upped the ante by claiming that not only was Rice targeted because she is black, but it is a case of “sexism” as well.. No matter that it is an OBVIOUS case of “cover-up-ism”, we just need you to look over here.. Remember why OJ was acquitted..

Never mind, the Democrats just called Rice an “American treasure”, not unlike the “thinking” that awarded a Nobel Prize to OWEbama, Carter and the completely peaceful Yasser Arafat.. Not done covering for the cover up yet and not to be outdone by the rest of the socialist sycophants of the left, one Dutch Ruppersberger (L-PA) told CNN (shocker..) that whether or not Rice LIED or not is “not the issue”..

Lets be honest for once, if a Republican were to be found anywhere near an obvious scandal of this magnitude, the left, led by their totalitarian town criers of the “impartial” media, those who specialize in collectivist catechism, would have tarred and feathered every Republican on the ballot. (Remember Mark Foley and Larry Craig and the sensible liberal Democratic responses to these non-issues?) A Republican in a restroom is enough for the Republican to be ousted from office from the perverted progressive point of view even though he was allegedly involved in activities routinely performed by one of the Democrats special interest cuddle buddy groups..

From the “too little, too late” category, conservatives are now “standing up” for Papa John’s in a move reminiscent of the Chic Fil A Day. After the business publicly announced what almost EVERY business will have to do in order to get around the suffocating burdens placed upon them by OWEbamaScare, (please note that SEVERAL of the devoted OWEbama unions and businesses are EXEMPT from the OWEbamaScare taxes and penalties as a “thanks” for their support..) there is supposed to be a “I Stand With Papa Johns” movement afoot.. This is interesting but the “movement” should have been to the voting booth where the process of “righting” America could have begun in earnest, not with marches and useless “protests” as the conservative community continues to “tilt at windmills”..

The FHA is 16.3 BILLION in the red and the Post Office, yet ANOTHER model of governmental efficiency, after having a $15.9 BILLION shortfall will have “execs see boost in pay”. (Washington Examiner) As well, according to Gerri Willis over at Fox Business, be prepared for half of your income to go to OWEbama in 2013, that is if you somehow managed to remain employed under the OWEbama “Scorched Earth political paradigm” of imaginary jobs creation..

And from the “you paid for it” fascist file, the OWEbama government paid out four MILLION of YOUR tax dollars in order to redistribute twelve MILLION dollars in food stamps to the OWEbama Democratic voting bloc of barnacles, leeches and derelicts.. (Breitbart)

Roll over and play dead, America..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2012. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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