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Jeff Flake is Trailing Badly in New Poll – Challenger Kelli Ward is leading “the Flake” by over 25 points

By News Desk Editor: Breitbart is reporting that Arizona RINO Senator Jeff Flake is getting clobbered in a new poll by his challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward. Flake, who has thwarted President Trump’s America First policies [Continue Reading]

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It’s time to go after real collusion and obstruction: Senate announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 election

By News Desk Editor: While the MSM continues to beat their drums daily over the fake news Trump/Russian collusion narrative, the Senate has finally decided to look into the actions of Loretta Lynch. [Continue Reading]

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Trump AGAIN Rejects “Khan Con” re Accepting Terrorism As “Part and Parcel” of Life in London!

By John Lillpop: As corpses increasingly clutter the streets of London, passively accepting the brutal carnage as “Part and Parcel”of living in the “Greatest city in the World” is utterly stupid and unacceptable! [Continue Reading]