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As usual, Obama wants everything his way

"I want it my way!"
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By Chip McLean:

The hypocrite-in-chief, in his weekly address has invoked the US constitution in order to get a vote on his nominee to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. You know, the same constitution that he has routinely ignored since he initially he swore an oath to in January 2009.

Obama has issued numerous executive orders and taken other actions to thoroughly bypass the constitution. To say he considers the constitution a “living document” would actually be an extreme exaggeration of his fealty to it.

The democrats, with Joe Biden in particular have always said no action should be taken on a supreme court nominee in an election year – at least that is what they believed when a Republican was in the White House.

Now suddenly it’s “unfair” and “unconstitutional” for the Republicans to block a nominee during an election year?

Mr. Obama himself in 2006 voted against cloture for Samuel Alito during his nomination.

Nothing in fact in the constitution says that the senate must vote on a court nominee, rather that they shall give “advice and consent”.

The senate need not give “consent” at this time on a nominee who will alter the balance of the court prior to an election that could very well change the political landscape, nor should they.

As for Obama, he has made it quite clear he holds the constitution and its limited government principles and resulting balance of powers in contempt. He doesn’t view the constitution as the nation’s law – he sees it as an impediment to his agenda.

Obama invoking the constitution is akin to Count Dracula endorsing holy water.

The senate should react to Obama the same way that he has behaved toward the constitution – ignore him.

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