The Greater Good or the Greater Evil

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By Larry Wilke:

Before we go any farther, I feel it necessary for everyone to understand exactly who America’s enemy is.  Was it Communism?  How about Al Qaeda?  Wrong on both counts.  The genuine enemy of America is the cancer of liberalism and it is liberalism refined and retooled from the liberalism of old into the dystrophic liberalism of today. 

The Communism of years past was a liberal facilitator and the Al Qaeda of today is enabled by liberalism.  The reconfigured and reworked liberalism of today is the only enemy that America needs to defeat.  Once you understand who your enemy is, the sooner you can figure out how to eliminate the threat..

An undivided America cannot be defeated, either at home or abroad.  America has NEVER lost a war on the battlefield overseas.  The domestic “battlefield”, polluted by the liberal machine with all of its adherents (the “impartial” media..) following their marching orders, have convinced too many weak minded Americans that we have “lost” in the past..  At home, an undivided America would never allow those that, for their own personal fame and profit, regurgitate the shallow and nonsensical cries of “racism” to divide Americans..   

Our REAL enemy is without question within our borders and has been here for over sixty years.  THIS enemy is the one that wants America to fall.  This enemy welcomes ALL agents of any network or group as long as the destruction of America is their avowed goal.  No matter who you are and no matter what else you believe, if the destruction of the United States is one of your “causes”, the liberals will gladly hold the ammo belts for you.

The liberals understand that their own patented brand of pop psychology is the least painful yet the most effective manner in which to dismantle our society.  The liberals would NEVER win a “stand up” fight.  This is why they have resorted to the blurry battlefield of “morality”.

Right from the get-go, the idea of the liberals (the most amoral or in most cases, the most immoral people) using “morality” as their crucible means that they had to immediately redefine the term from the inside out..  This became the foundation of “definitional inversion” and along with this redefinition, the liberals as well HAD to be the ONLY ones handling the oily semantics of any and all definitions and situations from that moment forward (backward..).  Thus their “morality” became the mantra of “doing the greater good”.

In order to do the “greater good”, the left HAD to “change” that which IS moral and using their own bent barometer, “change” that to be the “NEW and improved” immoral, “transvaluation” by any other name..

How can you question the motives of someone who makes the claim that they are doing what they do for the “greater good”, that they’re “just trying to help”? 

The ONLY way that this has managed to flourish is that the attention of everyone MUST be placed upon “motives” as opposed to RESULTS.  The demagoguery of distraction..  The liberals NEVER speak of results because results (which have historically been NEGATIVE with the application of liberalism..) are always explained away using other distractions and deflections and they are usually explained away using the tool of volume.  No one has yet told the left that their “arguments” aren’t more lucid with volume..

As but just ONE example, the public schools are an unmitigated failure due to “a lack of funding”, NOT due to the failures of liberalism and their minions in the teachers unions.  For the liberals, their alleged “motive” is a cover for their REAL motive..

After sixty years, we can unequivocally say with absolute certainty that the liberals are either oblivious to their surroundings (by surroundings I mean the surroundings that WE have to suffer through, the liberals and their gated communities NEVER see the effects of their liberalism.  They “see” the effects of liberalism through the smoked glass of their limousines and that is when they conclude that “not enough money” is the root of ALL problems..) or that they are intentional in their acts.  Lets try to decide which alternative is the reality..  Are the liberals doing “the greater good” or is it “the greater evil”?

Lets just use the redistribution of wealth to the poor as but one example.  The “motive” is allegedly to “eliminate poverty”.  Based upon the historical “results” of applied (appLIED..) liberalism for sixty years, starting with the “War on Poverty”, (the liberals should never have anything to do with ANY “war”, real or imagined..) poverty has not only NOT been “eliminated”, it has actually INCREASED several fold during the time that the liberals were performing their “greater good”..  The liberals are much better at CREATING poverty as opposed to curing it..

Liberal “compassion”, the desire for the “greater good” has robbed generations of their dignity.  It has increased the size and scope of the lowest class, paid for by the middle class who struggle themselves to stay out of the lowest class penalized as they are by the liberal’s proclivity towards exorbitant taxation for redistribution. 

The lowest class is NOT supposed to be permanent, but based upon the “results” of sixty years of compassionate liberalism, it IS a “life sentence”.  No business could function and survive for one fiscal year using the same demented policies as liberalism yet liberal government based upon this lunacy never disappears from our landscape..

Why hasn’t it disappeared?  Because by enlarging the lowest class and simultaneously assuring its addiction to the liberals policies of perpetual handouts, they have over time bought votes with our money..

If the liberals monumental miscues were the result of being unintelligent, the negative effects of their compassion upon those they allege to want to “help” would be easily replaced with something that might END the cycle of poverty.  Liberalism would be replaced with something that actually DOES “the greater good”.  If “helping” others WAS their goal then the liberals would have made adjustments to their nomenclature years ago.. 

The “adjustments” over the years that the left has made have been refinements of the liberal’s message and methodology, not ENDING anything..  Liberals, it would appear, actually want misery to CONTINUE..  (Taking the failed “logic” even further, since only more money would cure the public schools, after sixty years of failed liberal politics, more liberals in office utilizing liberalism will cure all of the world’s problems..)

The liberals are just a different kind of capitalist because liberalism is ALL about “the money”.  Liberals don’t mind money, they just mind who has it and as long as its not them, then they are in lascivious lather.. 

So how can anyone explain away sixty years of abject failure in the “War on Poverty” and STILL continue with these proven failed progressive policies?  Those guided by “compassion” can always find other reasons for THEIR failures OTHER than their “compassion”..  How can you explain away the GROWTH of the underclass unless that growth was actually your intention from the beginning..

Are the liberals oblivious?  They ARE “oblivious” to evil in the world.  Terrorists, foreign and domestic (domestic terrorists: criminals.) for example.  Guided by their “motive”, results can be blamed upon ANYTHING other than the complete failure of liberalism as a political ethos.  Then you have to ask, how can the uber-intelligent left possibly claim to be oblivious or unaware of their environment?

It’s hard to ascribe “evil” to the liberal’s motives but consider the following: the liberals always want you to recognize their intelligence.  The results of the actions of a “simple person” can be written off to their simplicity based upon the RESULTS of their actions or inactions.  (“Only a fool would do this or that” based upon the obvious historical results of others who have done this or that..) 

As the left constantly trumpets their intelligence, how is it possible to “write off” the affects of the liberals actions to happenstance?  The liberals are TOO SMART to overlook details, therefore the results of their actions MUST be their true intent..  After SIXTY YEARS this must be the logical conclusion..

Could it be liberal arrogance that enables their “evil”?  Is there a genuine disconnect between intelligence and empathy that causes the left to habitually ignore the results of their failures?  Are the liberals so far removed from reality that they CANNOT see the carcinogenic results of the application of liberalism to society?  Or are things going just as the left would like them to go?

Are the liberals so addicted to the RELIGION of liberalism, which has their distorted morality at its base, that the thought of ANYONE ELSE possibly being correct is abhorrent to them?  The liberal ethos is constructed solely upon the premise that they are NEVER wrong about anything.  The first admission, whether it be about globaloney warming, abortion, social engineering or ANY of the liberal mantras, would be all that would be necessary to deconstruct the entire liberal program of panaceas because EVERY liberal “idea” functions based upon the same Bolshevik blueprint..

If the liberals refuse to actually “change”, based upon sixty years of abject failure, if failure is then their actual intent, how can you not classify them as “evil”?  If their claims of compassion and empathy are only designed to silence those about to shed the light of truth upon the liberal heresy, how can they NOT be identified as “evil”? 

If not ONE of the liberal’s “ideas”, executed over the last sixty years and guided by “doing the greater good” has produced a single POSITIVE result for society as a whole, how can we not view their “failures” as their VICTORIES?

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2013. All rights reserved.

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