The Downfall Of Allowing Illegals Into America

no one is safe unless we crack down on Sanctuary Cities

sanctuary cities
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By Kevin Roeten:

Kevin Roeten
Science Editor

It is not “fascist,” “racist” or “xenophobic” to refuse entry to tens of thousands more while we get our own house in order. It is self-preservationist…

Illegal immigration seems to be a highly stifling problem. Naturalization has always been the solution to accepting immigration. But why is immigration resulting in so many illegals entering the country? Why is it resulting in 300-500 Sanctuary Cities now in the US? Cities run by Islamic rule only?

Texas has just enacted a ban on sanctuary cities, and is court-approved and which puts America first. America will become a lawless Third World country where no one is safe unless we crack down on Sanctuary Cities.

The Texas bill fines Sanctuary Cities $25,500 per/day until they stop shielding illegal felons from deportation. Any elected official who enacts a sanctuary policy can be automatically kicked out of office for their failure to uphold the law. And, all federal law enforcement funds for sanctuary jurisdictions are cut off. The law goes into effect on September 1st.

Kate Steinle, has been murdered in San Francisco in 2015 by an illegal who had previously been deported eight times. Her killer knew he would not be deported if he was arrested in that sanctuary city. Trump has released a “big list” to shame Communities for refusing to protection from criminal illegals.

The details are in the Department of Homeland Security’s “Weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Report,” posted by the agency. Department officials know of dozens of sanctuary cities across the U.S. refusing to turn illegals with criminal allegations or convictions. In these communities a large number of criminals who have been arrested by local authorities, have been released without any notification to ICE. If the Texas sanctuary ban were a nationwide law, San Francisco’s police chief would be charged with a crime, and the city would lose tens of millions in taxpayer funding until it complies with the law.

The FBI is actively investigating 300 of Obama’s un-vetted refugees from Syria and Iraq. These individuals are actively planning terrorist attacks in America. The UN is funneling terrorists directly into the country based on objectives from with Obama.

Mexico has been identified as the second-most dangerous nation on earth with 23,000 casualties in the drug cartel wars last year. We have to start the wall now. HR 1813, the Border Wall Funding Act, authorizes the wall immediately.

Lately, thousands of anti-Trump liberals took to the streets, airports and college campuses chanting “all are welcome” and shrieking “let them in” to protest executive orders enforcing our borders. The mobs screamed: “No borders, no nations, f–- deportations!” “No walls, no borders, f–- executive orders!” Liberal mayors in Seattle, Denver and New York City declared themselves open-borders sanctuaries. Actually, one should say—outlaw cities. All of California is now considering itself a “sanctuary state.” Liberal companies vowed to hire 10,000 refugees, provide free housing, and subsidize left-wing legal efforts to thwart Trump’s refugee moratorium and enhanced visa-holder vetting.

Their treacle is treacherous. Not all refugees are welcome in the US. Muslim extremist refugees seeking to wage jihad on our soil and kill all infidels, anti-American refugees transforming the US into a Balkanized hell, misogynist refugees treating their wives as second-class citizens and subjugate their daughters (vulnerable to “honor killings”), and refugees soaking up our tax dollars, and griping about our lack of generosity are not welcome.

In 2014, New England mayors from both parties pleaded with the Obama administration to enact a refugee resettlement freeze as the flood of unassimilated newcomers strained their schools and municipal resources. “I have enough urban issues to deal with. Enough is enough,” Springfield, Massachusetts, Mayor Domenic Sarno, a Democrat, declared. “You can’t keep concentrating poverty on top of poverty.” We will eventually fall when our immigration system is in shambles. Homeland security officials have warned for decades our consular offices are filled with corrupt and incompetent clerks; our computer systems are outdated; criminal background checks have been abandoned wholesale; the deportation and removal apparatus has been sabotaged by pro-illegal ideologues; and our southern border is overrun by drug cartel violence, and human trafficking.

Already, grant 1 million permanent residencies are granted every year. It’s expected green cards will increase to 10.5 million by 2025. Add 11-30 million illegals; along with a flux of 70,000 asylees annually; 500,000 foreign students; 700,000 total foreign guest workers; plus more than 350,000 foreign high school and university students, researchers, physicians, and summer work travelers on J-1 exchange visitor visas; 66,000 visas for nonagricultural temporary foreign workers; and 117,000  seasonal agricultural workers.

Section 7 of Trump’s executive order calls for full construction of the long-delayed biometric entry-exit tracking system, but have failed to complete it since the 9/11 National Commission recommended it 13 years ago. The tourism industry, foreign governments, the ACLU, universities and the immigration lawyers’ lobby have all conspired to prevent this meaningful tracking system from coming online. An estimated 40 percent of all illegals and are visa over-stayers. Again, 61% of illegals come without gaining actual citizenship. There’s a malevolent reason for this.

It is not “fascist,” “racist” or “xenophobic” to refuse entry to tens of thousands more while we get our own house in order. It is self-preservationist.

By Cathy Burke (Newsmax)

Immigration — both illegal and visa-sanctioned — is weakening the US, radio host Rush Limbaugh says. “America’s a great country, and it was strengthened by virtue of immigration, but you can’t say it’s happening now.” Limbaugh said there has been an influx of immigrants in the last 50 years. Precisely, a calculated push by the Democratic party, or “reinvigorated illegal immigration.” The Democrats need a never-ending group of subservient dependents of the federal government. And hence comes multitudes of illegals.

“The way they’re trying to sell it, ‘Hey, hey, we’re not talking about illegal. … We need technologically advanced, educated engineers,'” Limbaugh said. “They want these H1-B visas expanded…because they’re not adding employees — they’re replacing. They are firing and laying off current genius high-tech, high-educated engineers and replacing them with the immigrant H1-B visa engineers who will come here and obviously work for much less. This kind of immigration…we got going on now is not strengthening the country — it’s weakening it,” he says.

Whatever happened to Naturalization???


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