The Continuing Hoax of Global Warming!

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By J.D. Longstreet:

Dems Intend to Ram “Global Warming” Down Our Throats, too!

I would have enjoyed a full-throated belly laugh at the spectacle of idiots on display recently as the Democrats held an all night talkathon on Global Warming, er, Climate Change. 

As I said — I WOULD HAVE — had I not remembered how such antics — so easily seen through by those of us with a modicum of formal education and a smattering of street smarts — is soaked up by the so called Low Info Voters who are the Democrat’s “useful idiots” and shock troops on election day. Like sponges, they soak up the lies, the distortions, the utter nonsensical propaganda spewed forth by the democratic “Bovine Scatology machine” then repeat it with simulated authority to their fellow low lights ad nauseum.

Look.  The Democrats KNOW how ridiculous, how stupid, they appear involved in such antics. And yet they continue acting the fool. 


Because that’s what you do when your supporters enjoy lives entirely supported, from cradle to grave, by the redistribution of the working people’s wealth by way of the government dole, dispensed through the public trough. You play down to them.  You try to depict yourself as one who exists on the same intellectual level as the low info voters.  It’s called gaining the confidence of the masses.  However, it is quickly recognized by those of us who feel ourselves moderately intelligent as what we call a CON GAME! 

It is a time honored method of playing voters for fools. And it works. And the Democrats know it. They have become past masters at its deployment.

Those of us who know and understand the entire Climate Change movement is a hoax understand that it is not about the climate, at all.  It IS about power.  The Democrats have it and they intend to keep it — no matter how depraved they must appear to their constituents to do so.

But first, they feel a pressing need to scare the living daylights out of their supporters.  That’s why we are being inundated, everyday, by volumes of data telling us how hopeless life will soon be on this planet, as a result of Global Warming/Climate Change. 

Well, now, wait a consarned minute! What if things WON’T be so bad IF we do, indeed, have a warm-up of the planet?

Suppose, for just a moment, there actually happens to be something to this Global Warming theory.  Suppose that the earth’s temperature does actually rise.  Will it be ALL doom and gloom? Judging from history the answer is a resounding NO!

For one thing that water shortage, we have been warned about, would be ended by global warming

How about agriculture?  I mean, CO2 is a natural fertilizer to plants.  At they report the following:

“Global warming could also mean greater agricultural productivity and greater water conservation. CO2 acts as a fertilizer on plant life while reducing plant transpiration (the passage of water from the roots through the plant’s vascular system to the atmosphere). Thus, with global warming, agricultural output could be expected to increase while making less demand on the water supply.” 

Well, now… the “Warmers” never mention that — do they? 

Lets look a little closer.

At we learn this:  “According to climatologist, the villain causing a warmer world is the unprecedented amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we humans keep pumping into the atmosphere. But as high school biology students nationwide know, plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Researchers have shown that virtually all plants will do better in a CO2-rich environment than in the current atmosphere, which contains only trace amounts of their basic food.

Plants also prefer warmer winters and nights, and a warmer world would mean longer growing seasons. Combined with higher levels of CO2, plant life would become more vigorous, thus providing more food for animals and humans. Given a rising world population, longer growing seasons, greater rainfall, and an enriched atmosphere could be just the ticket to stave off famine and want.”

These folks at go on to say:  “The doomsayers have predicted that a warmer world would inflict tropical diseases on Americans. They neglect to mention that those diseases–such as malaria, cholera, and yellow fever–were widespread in the United States in the colder 19th century. Their absence today is attributable not to a climate unsuitable to their propagation, but to modern sanitation and the American lifestyle, which prevent the microbes from getting a foothold. It is actually warmer along the Gulf Coast, which is free of dengue fever, than on the Caribbean islands, where the disease is endemic.

… …… … research shows that a warmer world would be a healthier one for Americans and would cut the number of deaths in the U.S. by about 40,000 per year, roughly the number killed on the highways.” 

You know, I’m beginning to like Global Warming!  It would seem the advantages of a warmer climate seriously outweigh the disadvantages — by far. 

As one who dwells near the coast, I have been looking forward to having “beach-front” property.  Turns out that all the scare tactics concerning the rise in the oceans and the inundation of the coastline is something of a pipe-dream.

“A slowly rising sea level constitutes the only significant drawback to global warming. The best guess of the international scientists is that oceans will rise about 2 inches per decade.

The cost to Americans of building dikes and constructing levees to mitigate the damage from rising seas would be less than $1 billion per year, an insignificant amount compared to the likely gain of over $100 billion for the American people as a whole
Now.  Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of Global Warming.  Consider this:

“Although satellite data over the past 25 years show no trend toward increasing global temperatures, Americans would benefit from improved health and quality of life if the earth’s climate were to warm moderately over the next few decades. Based on an analysis of data on mortality, illness and wage rates:

If temperatures rose 2.5 degrees Celsius, deaths in the United States from respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and influenza, diseases of the circulatory system and even infectious diseases would drop by about 40,000 per year.

Warming might reduce medical costs by about $20 billion annually.

Since Americans prefer warm climates and will accept lower pay to work in those areas, they would value a warmer climate at between $40 billion and $61 billion.

A 1995 report by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expressed concern that increases in heat waves would cause a rise in deaths from cardio respiratory complications, vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue and yellow fevers. But the IPCC report also acknowledged that global warming would result in fewer cold-related deaths.

In addition, a 1992 IPCC report found that over this century, in much of the world, winter and night temperatures have risen while summer temperatures have fallen.”  SOURCE 

I must tell you that all this information, countering the fear mongers over the theory of Global Warming, is out there and it’s yours for the few minutes it will take you to look it up on the Internet.

You may ask, why then are the proponents of Global Warming so strident, so insistent and so unceasing in the drive to convince Americans that Global Warming is real and is threatening the life of billions of people on this planet, but especially those who inhabit the USA.

Simple, really.

Because Global Warming is not about Global Warming!!!  The Global Warming movement is not about saving the earth.  It is about destroying America!  That is the goal.  That is the target the Global Warming movement is aiming for.

Cloaked by their love for the Earth and the people of the earth, the world’s socialist movement, and Marxist movement, long ago saw the environmental movement as a new front in their war against the one nation on this earth which has withstood their onslaught the longest — America.  They have successfully infiltrated our institutions of higher learning and molded the minds of our young to believe their lies and their propaganda.  And it worked!  

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma has said the catastrophic threat of Global Warming is the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”  The good Senator is correct.

It is strange, indeed, that we find ourselves deluded by a simple hoax.  When the combined knowledge of the world is at our fingertips today.  The Internet “runneth over” with knowledge countering the alarmists of the Global Warming Movement. Yet, the purveyors of information, those who guard the portals of information, namely the Mainstream Media, refuse to disseminate that information.  Instead they heap column upon column of propaganda from the “doom and gloomers”.

It is past time for Americans to recognize the Global Warming movement as the hoax that it is.

Maybe P. T. Barnum was right when he said:  “There’s a sucker born every minute”!  The Global Warming crowd is COUNTING on it!

© Copyright by J.D. Longstreet, 2014. All rights reserved.

J. D. Longstreet
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