“Texas Got It Right” More Political Than Not

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By Kevin Roeten:

Small Book With Big Facts

Being only a 176-page soft-cover, one would think Texas Got it Right was hardly worth reading. But inside, the graphs, color diagrams, and associated pictures reveal secrets few know. We know the country is in a severe depression because of Obama. Evidently, the people of  Texas don’t realize that fact, or they simply don’t proscribe to the administration’s policies.

Louisiana Always In Play

Author Sam Wyly, from small-town Tallulah (Louisiana), has systematically shown how Texas has grown, while each of the other 49 U.S. states are broke, or going broke, in this Obama-led economy. The author remembers thirty-five years ago when he went to a  bar in Tallulah, and how he was shaken even then, seeing the bar had a huge wall running down the middle. On one side was only Whites–the other side was all Blacks.

It is amazingly how an incredibly non-political book demonstrates what one political part can do.  With a Republican Governor and Lieutenant Governor, and a majority of Republicans in the State House, it’s easy to explain a Texas “red-state” history. Thirty years ago, Democrats controlled almost every elective office. Today Republicans control all three branches of state government, and many at the local level.

Valuable Data On Texas

This book is extremely valuable as a reference for Texas’ twenty-five-million and growing population. It also contains myriads of ideas begging to be exported to all the other less fortunate states. In a nutshell, Texas does not have a bloated bureaucracy containing strenuous regulations breaking business growth. More importantly, their state constitution limits legislative sessions to only 140 days every other year. Of all states, Texas has the lowest annual salary for state legislators by far: (2011–>$7000).

James Michener wrote (Texas/1985): “…Where are the seats in Congress coming? To Texas and Florida [gained 4 and 2 seats respectively]. Where would you like to live if you were young and active and hopeful? Vermont? Or the Sunbelt?” 

The 1st woman in the Texas Senate, Kay Bailey Hutchison, was the longest-serving female member. As a Republican, she voted against abortion, and always conscience over party.   

Texas History With Oil

One-fifth of America’s exports enter or leave the country through Texas ports. Houston alone ships a greater tonnage of steel, iron, and petroleum than the Panama Canal. For the last 4 years, Texas cites have added the most jobs in the country, and have led the nation in job growth over the past 21 years.

Despite multinationals (e.g., Exxon-Mobil, Texaco, etc…) there are hundreds of  “mom and pop” wells having survived in the face of oil “giants”. Today, mostly Texans have produced the pioneering innovations in offshore and deepwater drilling. Domestically, offshore drilling gives over 25% of all U.S. Natural Gas, and 30% of its oil production. This is a fare cry from initial offshore rigs drilled in 20’ of water. Now ocean rigs can drill 30,000 ft deep, while in water already 10,000 ft deep.

Texas History With Natural Gas

Texas already leads (2.5x) all other states with over 10,000 Megawatts generated from wind turbines. Knowledge that North America’s vast shale formations contained Natural Gas was critical when intelligent entrepreneurs discovered the combination of ‘hydraulic fracturing’ and ‘horizontal drilling’. Discovery of obtaining gas from shale–and still turning a profit–was instrumental.

Thanks mostly to Texans, Natural Gas production has grown 14x in the last decade, and is projected to double again by 2035. In 2009, U.S. Natural Gas production has outstripped Russia’s for the first time ever. By 2021, America will become a net exporter.    

Texas led all 49 other states with net job loss/gain (+113,900) during the recession (12/07-12/11), and is expected to boom over the next five years. Every year, Texas plants 100 million young trees—or 5 per Texan. When filling you gas tank in Texas, $50 buys 14.5 gallons (291 miles) of fuel, but only 11.6 gallons (231 miles) in Los Angeles. For a $250,000 home, you can buy a 3125 square foot home, but only a 883 square foot home in San Francisco.

It’s more than interesting Texas job growth has been much higher than seven leading countries/areas in the world since 1990. Texas has outpaced the five highest U.S. states in total non-agricultural employment by  at least 50%.     

Why? The answers are obvious.

It’s  known Texas already has the infrastructure to house the nation’s capitol, if necessary.  Go figure… 

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