Tell Me, What Do You Really Value?

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By Larry Wilke:

Boston.  Recent “events” in and around this city has everyone thinking about what they believe their “priorities” to be.  This “thinking” will only be on everyone’s minds for just a few short moments or until the plethora of “24 hour news” stations decide that something more important needs to be broadcast over and over..  If everyone were truly introspective, they would ask themselves “what do you REALLY value”?

When put on the spot by such a question, most respond with the abstract comment that they value their “freedom” or their “safety”.  I beg to differ..  What people truly “value” has a price tag attached.  This price tag is what you willingly PAY for that which you “value”.  People don’t value freedom or even safety even though they say that they do.  As the adage goes, you know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

What you really value is “entertainment”.  You value actors, musicians and athletes.  The proof is to be found in what you “pay” for entertainment versus what you pay those entrusted with protecting your safety and your freedom.  It is more important for you to be entertained as opposed to being safe or free.  This is because your safety and your freedom are being protected FOR you, they are not protected BY you..

You find it easy to talk of what some movie grossed (“grossed” being a very appropriate phrase..) over the weekend, the salary paid to some actor for “acting” in that movie, or what some athlete managed to sign a contact  for as he “plays” a game.  What your military and police are paid is a mystery to you because you think that your safety and freedom aren’t in any jeopardy and that is because of the efforts of these two groups against terrorists both foreign and domestic.

When the unthinkable happens, its not the salary of those risking their lives for YOU that takes precedent in your thoughts and words, it is “why didn’t you stop this before it happened..”  Our existence is a complete mystery PRIOR to that moment when the unthinkable happens.  AFTER, well, that is when all of the “Monday morning quarterbacks” begin the sniffish and annoying process of utilizing the perfect vision of hindsight.

As just a few very quick examples, I will ask, have you ever been in a veteran’s hospital?  Trust me when I tell you that it is the LAST place on Earth that you would want to be yet it is the FIRST place veterans go for health care.  The nation’s shiftless, moochers and mendicants get considerably better medical care.

Speaking of the value that you place on entertainment, let’s take a baseball “player” for example.  If this “player” manages to FAIL seventy per cent of the time over his ENTIRE career at the plate, a career that might consist of over six thousand appearances at the plate, he is rewarded with hundreds of millions of dollars.  As well, at the end of his career, you can bet upon a sure-fire induction into the Hall of Fame for someone who consistently FAILED seventy per cent of the time while playing a “game”..

A member of the military or a police officer has NO CHOICE but to NEVER “fail” at the plate.  ONE “failure” can cause a loss of life, a loss of property and its all his fault.  You will be court marshaled, tried both criminally AND civilly (So much for “double jeopardy”) over ONE mistake.    Imagine how short the career of your local weatherman would be if accuracy were an issue.  He too makes more than those entrusted with your safety..

You will willingly pay more to watch a movie in which an actor will portray someone in the military or a police officer for two hours than either of those professions pay their charges to actually perform those duties in “real life” during those same two hours..   The hollow and empty ring of “thank you for your service” may make you feel good to say it but it doesn’t help us to hear it..

Unfortunately, because you ignore and disregard those sworn to your safety BEFORE something happens means that there is a MUCH greater probability that you will have to pay for the results.  The REAL “battlefield” is closer than you would like to admit..

You value your freedom and safety so much that you voluntarily vote politicians into office that have made it their business to threaten your freedom and safety through their idiotic legislation.  They purposely tie the hands of those who take your safety seriously and “after the fact” they are among the first to question what you did or didn’t do to “protect”..  As a matter of fact, you are so unconcerned with your safety and freedom that a large number of you cannot be troubled to wander into a voting booth at all..

Your “safety” more or less is an abstract because in the “old days”, we were separated from the world’s savages by two oceans.  The world’s savages are now welcomed at our shores and those who come here “legally” to do their dirty work combined with those who have illegally violated our borders make the job of those who proudly try to keep the home front safe all the more difficult.  No big deal, you aren’t doing it, someone ELSE is..

Boston should prove to those ignorant of history that the REAL “front line” is NOT across the ocean, it IS “in your back yard”.  Don’t forget that there are “terrorists” that lurk “in your back yard” who want your television, your purse, your wallet..  That which isn’t theirs, that which does not belong to them..  Realistically, you have the terrorists that are empowered and enflamed by a bizarre religion and you have the terrorists who look to victimize you through crime.

Fear not, for the adage “you get what you pay for” DOES NOT apply to those serving on the front lines at home and abroad in both the police and the military as we protect your desire to be entertained..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2013. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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