Ted Cruz Has a Fior-gasm

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Ted Cruz has a Fior-gasm
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By Chip McLean:

I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures…

Ted Cruz – who has been mathematically eliminated from any possible shot at the GOP nomination on a first ballot – has named Carly Fiorina as his running mate. The same Carly Fiorina who was fired from her CEO job at Hewlett Packard for running the company into the ground. The same Carly Fiorina who was a media darling after one debate, and then immediately fell flat as a pancake with the voters.

Cruz’s only theoretical chance at this point would be to keep Donald Trump from hitting the magic number 1237 before the convention. Cruz would then do everything he could to peel off Trump delegates on a second ballot and somehow come out ahead at a brokered convention.

Cruz’s chances of accomplishing this are virtually zilch. Even if Trump falls short of 1237 (an increasingly unlikely possibility), and even if Cruz manages to send this into a brokered convention, his chances of the Republican establishment saying “attaboy Ted, you stopped Trump – you’re our guy” have approximately the same odds as Barney Frank joining Promise Keepers.

Cruz is hedging everything on the Indiana primary, where he is trailing Trump in the polls by 5 to 8 points depending on which poll you look at.

Ted Cruz was not exactly being subtle by naming the VP choice in Indiana. He’s of course hoping this will give him a boost with Indiana voters, and by naming Carly Fiorina, he’s also trying to play on Trump’s perceived gender gap with women.

So will Ted’s “fior-gasm” pay off? We’ll see, but I doubt it. I think many of the voters will see his premature veep announcement as calculated and crass – much like everything else Cruz has done since the first of the year.

As I mentioned before, the establishment will never let Cruz win in a brokered convention. Should it get to that point, the GOPe will throw their stooge aside and install Paul Ryan.

Cruz may have announced that Carly will be running with him, but the only thing these two will be running for is the unemployment line.

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