RINO Mitch McConnell doubts Trump can “save” his presidency

Some advice for "Mister 18%"

Mitch McConnell save presidency
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

The New York Times is reporting that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t believe that President Trump can “save” his presidency…what about McConnell’s “future”?

Naturally the far left NYT relishes running stories such as this. The problem for them is that Trump supporters know that McConnell has never been anything but an establishment hack, and therefore couldn’t care less what the head senate RINO has to say about Trump, or anything else for that matter.

McConnell doesn’t support an America First policy – he never has. Like too many of his “colleagues” such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Corker and so on, he’s just a status quo hack who resents Trump upsetting his comfy apple cart.

McConnell supports amnesty, “guest workers” who rob Americans’ jobs and depress wages, along with bad trade agreements that favor every nation but the U.S.

Middle class Americans voted for Donald Trump to help make America great again by putting Main Street first instead of Wall Street. They did not vote for Trump for a continuation of McConnell’s “crap on the American people” swamp critter philosophy.

McConnell is all in a huff because our President has the audacity, i.e. the cajones, to call out even those who are members of the Republican Party when they fail to act on the issues that are important to us. He resents Trump basically saying the Senate “country club” is over, and that talking much and doing nothing, all the while rubbing shoulders with the opposition and the MSM is no longer acceptable.

McConnell “doubts” that Trump can save his presidency? I “doubt” that Mitch McConnell can save his position. McConnell has an abysmal approval rating that is at 18% in a recent poll – and that is in his home state of Kentucky!

Mitch – a word to the wise…a man that can only garner 18% in his own state probably shouldn’t be expressing doubt about the political future of anyone else.

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