Reza Pahlavi’s Misguided Stance

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By Amil Imani:

Amil Imani


The Iranian people are calling for help and much of the world either turns a deaf ear or feels it has its own priorities to worry about. When the horrors keep playing out, unabated, in the streets, prisons and dungeons of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world looks the other way.

Iranians, historically among the most civilized and tolerant of mankind’s peoples, are now viewed as the base recruits of a primitive seventh century barbaric campaign of Islamofascism. Iran, under the stranglehold and machinations of the Mullahs, has been transformed, in less than four decades, into the lead perpetrator of all that is abhorrent to humanity.

The ascendancy of Ayatollah Khomeini was facilitated by President Jimmy Carter and the elements of the Mujahidin Khalgh (MEK) terrorist organization and by many left-leaning, anti-American, anti-Israeli power brokers in Europe as well.

Reza Pahlavi’s Dilemma

In my numerous articles, I have supported Mr. Pahlavi, believing in his rhetoric that he is ready and prepared to stand with the people of Iran who shouted his name in the streets in heartfelt support. Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here and many more.

That was until I watched him in an interview with Iran International. It was an eye opener. In that video, Mr. Pahlavi insinuated his true intentions. If I understood it correctly, Mr. Pahlavi is neither interested, nor has any desire to have an active role in ending the rule of brutal Islamists in occupied Iran. He loves his family and his comfortable life style in the west and by no means is he willing to do anything to jeopardize that while he holds his fans both in and out of Iran hostage. He lives in a self-imposed bubble without any intention to motivate and lead his base to overthrow the regime.

Forty long years has come and gone and we haven’t moved an inch despite that fact the people of Iran on numerous occasions risked their own lives in order to show the world they didn’t want an Islamic Republic. They shouted “Reza Reza Pahlavi” to no avail. No one will ever willingly hand over Iran to His Majesty. It requires risks, tears, sweat and blood. The Iranian people should find their own leader from inside Iran. Don’t look to Mr. Pahlavi as your savior because he is not.

In an interview with the Telegram he said:

“Change must come to Iran by civil disobedience and non-violence. I stress that. We can’t have change at any cost. It is ultimately a question of the sovereignty of that nation, and what happens must be the will of the people. But how do we determine that? There is an absence of public debate. There is an absence of the ballot box.”

Imagine telling the Germans during the WWII that change must come to Germany by civil disobedience and at the ballot box!! Mr. Pahlavi is either extremely naïve or very uninformed about the nature of the Islamic regime. This regime is willing to obliterate every Iranian from one end of Iran to the other.  For the past forty years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has denied and violated a long-suffering people all their human rights. They are guilty of beating, torturing, raping, and killing prisoners of conscience — political, religious, intellectuals, artists, and others.

Mr. Pahlavi is someone I admire greatly. But now I believe he is an obstacle whose time has come and gone. He has had forty years to make a difference and unite the opposition but now he has become a liability to true Iranian opposition in the West who are willing to work together and become a formidable force and agents for change. Regrettably, Mr. Pahlavi’s presence has become a distraction.

With all due respect, I believe the time has come for Mr. Pahlavi to step aside from politics and allow others and especially the younger Iranian generation to come forward and get involved.

Unlike Pahlavi’s peaceful Gandhi-like approach, I think it is time for the Iranians to strike, gather forces, organize, and especially demonstrate in the streets in increasing numbers, even in the face of massive, gruesome, bloody repression by the Islamic rulers who still have a powerful armed apparatus at their disposal. It is time to unleash the wrath of the Iranian people on Islamic zealots. It is time to become even more defiant and end the barbaric theocratic regime by massive participation in a massive Persian revolution.

For now, the shape and form of the future Iran is irrelevant. What’s important is that we all become united with only one goal in mind: to free Iran from the hands of the devilish mullahs. Iranians will decide the future form of their government at the ballet box.

© Copyright by Amil Imani, 2019. All rights reserved.

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