Public Says “NO” to Political Correctness – New Rasmussen Poll Says 85 Percent Say Freedom of Speech More Important Than Not Offending Others

Take that political correctness!

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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

One of the reasons why Donald Trump won the presidency is that he went out of his way to say “NO” to the insidious censorship technique known as political correctness.

The left – for some time now – has been using PC as a means of trying to shut down the argument with those with a contrary opinion. When leftists can’t win on the basis of logic or facts, they love resorting to the worn out labels of “racist, bigot, homophobe”, etc. Anything that conflicts with their indoctrinated viewpoint immediately results in a Pavlovian response of being “offended”. Opposing viewpoints are seen as “micro-aggressions”, requiring retreat to their “safe spaces”.

The left couldn’t believe that Trump defeated Hillary, but perhaps the results of a new Rasmussen poll will help “splain” things to them.

A full 85% of Americans say freedom of speech is more important than not “offending” someone. In fact, a full 73% agree with the famous line from 18th century French author Voltaire, who said, “I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

It turns out our founders were on to something with the first amendment, as even two hundred plus years later, a large majority of Americans believe freedom of speech is worth dying for.

The poll also revealed that vast majorities of the public don’t want history erased by destroying statues, symbols and other landmarks.

The public also believes strongly that social media has no business censoring material simply because it “offends” the easily offended, with only 20% believing Facebook and Twitter should regulate “offensive” posts.

These opinions in favor of freedom of speech were held by the majority across all demographic groups, so just like we all knew in our hearts, freedom of speech is still as American as apple pie.

Take THAT, PC!

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  1. Not only a great article, but great news that Americans are beginning to wake up and understand what the dangers are out there being put in place by our elected legislators. Repeal and Replace November 2018

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