Pssst, it’s a secret – The Donald is doing well with immigrants

Mr. Trump is doing well with immigrants – the legal kind anyway

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By Chip McLean:

The great secret that most of the media won’t tell you is that Donald Trump is doing well with immigrants – the legal kind anyway.

Surprisingly, the New York Times touches on this, although naturally with all the usual leftist caveats.

From the NYT piece:

Consider the case of Anand Ahuja, a lawyer in his mid-60s on Long Island, who was a founder of Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, a political action committee that oddly does not raise money. Mr. Ahuja visited the United States in his 20s on a tourist visa from India, and said friends were marrying for green cards. They stayed and prospered, but he returned to India and waited nine years to immigrate legally.

Mr. Ahuja praised Mr. Trump for wanting to stop immigrants from entering the country illegally. “You should not reward people who have broken the law,” he said. “You follow the law, you get punished. That’s why I like Donald Trump when he says, ‘Let’s build a wall.’”

He added, “I believe anybody who came in this country illegally should be deported.”

The fact is, there are many legal immigrants who think this way – and why shouldn’t they? They played by the rules, why shouldn’t others?

The fact is that granting amnesty or any other “pathway to citizenship” for people who broke the law coming here is an insult to those who did come here legally. They waited their turn, they learned our language and our culture. In short, they came here to become Americans.

Legal immigrants have as much to lose as the rest of us when it comes to protecting our jobs and keeping our families safe. It is no wonder that building a wall and making better trade agreements resonate with so many like Mr. Ahuja.

Legal immigrants seem to have a better grasp on common sense than most of our politicians – people like GOPe chairman “Rinsed Pubis” who today was lecturing Donald Trump that he needs to, “reach out to Hispanics, and black voters, and Asian voters…” .

Well Mr. Pubis, I think that actually Mr. Trump will do far better with those groups than any of your milquetoast establishment lackeys, like your bud Paul Ryan. The fact is that legal immigrants and working blacks want someone who will protect their jobs. The GOPe has certainly demonstrated they won’t.

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