Potty Mouthed DNC Chairman Perez Doesn’t Share American Values

Tom Perez
Meet Potty Mouth Tom Perez - the DNC's rude, crude, loon.
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

The “values” of Tom Perez are diametrically opposed to true American values…

“Republicans don’t give a s**t” about you” – DNC Chairman Tom Perez, addressing attendees at a rally

Is this what public discourse has come to?

The head of one of the two major parties uses potty mouthed language in public…and then goes on to say he doesn’t care what people think about what he said?

Charming, isn’t he.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised…Perez was Obama’s labor secretary. Anyone who worked for someone as virulently opposed to all of America’s founding ideals and way of life as Barack Obama is bound to be infected with the same Alinksy inspired communist drivel.

Perez further went on to say, “Donald Trump, you didn’t win the election.”

Sigh…here we go again.

Perez might wish that U.S. presidential elections were decided by the “popular vote”, but fortunately for the country, it isn’t – and for good reasons.

Perez might not like the fact that the entire country gets to decide who the president will be – not just the heavily populated leftwing areas such as California and New York. The electoral college was designed to prevent exactly that sort of scenario, and as a result, the rest of the country gave Trump an electoral landslide.

So listen carefully Mr. Perez – let’s repeat a phrase you need to learn – electoral college

You’ll find this in the U.S. constitution Mr. Perez, if you ever bother reading it.

Here’s what you won’t find…

“Popular vote”.

Trump won the electoral vote convincingly, and is therefore the president. Saying he didn’t win is a denial of plain facts, so Perez is either engaging in rather silly hyperbole, or is simply delusional.

But then Perez seems to be lacking when it comes to facts in general. In addition to his other “colorful” remarks, the DNC head claimed that “Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values.”

Whose values? Those of Perez and the left wing loons that form the largest part of the Democrat party? Those values?

People may question how sincere or committed President Trump is regarding his campaign platform, but the policies he ran on are America’s values.

America First means having fair trade that helps keep and expand American jobs for American workers. Does Mr. Perez disagree with helping to preserve and expand job opportunities for American citizens?

America First means keeping out people who don’t belong here, thereby preserving jobs for Americans. It also means to stop picking the pockets of American taxpayers who have been forced to support the cost of keeping up those who are here illegally. Mr. Perez apparently finds that not to be a value he shares with the majority of Americans, who do support Trump’s policies.

America First also means keeping our people safe from those who mean us harm. Perez doesn’t share that value either, as he apparently thinks the more potential jihadists flooding into the country, the better.

Actually Mr. Perez, it’s a lot more than “Republicans” or “Trump” who don’t “share your values”.

Donald Trump won the votes of millions of people who aren’t “Republicans”. They were independents, moderates, working class and yes, a lot of disaffected Democrats who, like Reagan, said many years ago, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, they left me”.

While your party has sold out to a myriad of special interests and engaged in identity politics for the sake of getting votes, you left the middle class behind.

Because of that, those middle class “deplorables” find the current Democrat Party deplorable…That’s why your party lost all of those rust belt states that you took for granted all of these years.

Now you have the nerve to open up that potty mouth of yours and insult the people who said enough of class warfare and the divisive Democrat Party.

You’re right, we don’t share “your values”, because your values are rooted in a very deep anti-American hatred. Your values represent destroying jobs for Americans. Your values represent destroying the rights of Christians to worship and exercise their faith freely as outlined in the first amendment of that document that you so despise.

Your values mean a never ending cycle of poverty for the inner cities with continued high unemployment and crime in black communities, because you’d rather buy their votes with welfare schemes than empowering small businesses.

Your values mean attacking law enforcement and making those communities even less safe as a result.

I could go on, but the fact is you’re right about one thing – we don’t share your “values”. What you call values are not values at all…they are nothing more than a not so subtle attempt to take down this country.

No Mr. Perez, we don’t share your “values”, and we never will.

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Chip McLean
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