Political Vitriol: Progressive Caucus and the Kozak Plan

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By Tom Niewulis:

Tom Niewulis

The Squad is fully back by the Company sized element of the complete ninety-eight progressives in the caucus. Who is in key leadership over The Squad?

The vitriol of the Congressional Progressive Caucus has established itself in the true labeling of “The Squad”. More importantly this is proving out what I have been discussing and warning about for at least twenty years. Yes, this is the full force of the Kozak Plan[i]!

Now I am sure that some of you have read Not A Shot Fired, which is the plan that was used to take over Czechoslovakia by the Communist Party. With that thought in mind, I intend to walk you through the steps that had to be modified with in the Kozak Plan to ‘Move the United States Forward’. The primary examples given by Kozak for the take over of Czechoslovakia hinged on the fact that it was a Parliamentary form of government when this plan was executed. Being a Constitutional Federated Republic has increased the challenges for the Socialists + Marxists = Communist in the United States.

So let’s step back to the present for just a moment. The Vitriol (cruel and bitter criticism) by the loud voices in the daemoncrat[ii] party, academia and the press are all part of the methodology to inflict the Kozak Plan on We The Sovereign People. As often brought up by the various authors here, the language manipulation is well designed in that process called Dialectic[iii] Materialism[iv]. Just grasping or refreshing ones self with the definitions of those last two words begins to establish the reverberation of the ‘narratives or messaging’ that is used in sound bites and social media digital bytes.

In considering that the language has made many definition changes over the last one hundred years, we can observe, and in some cases experience, the loathing, the revulsion, the animosity and disgust regarding our Foundational Truths, Principles, History and Individuals which made the United States the initial ‘City on the Hill’[v]. Yet, in some ways this reaction is not unique. Remember the Stamp Act and all those other taxations placed on the Colonies by the Parliament? Well, a number of the ‘King’s Men’ not only received an ear full, but a good number of the collectors were tared and feathered while being thrown out of town. NO, I am not justifying Antifa! I’m just clarifying that words have always been harsh since Adam and Eve fell out of the Grace of God.

Just a last mention regarding the harsh and venomous words and actions of ‘The Squad’ and other daemoncrats in Congress: this is what they learned and this is what they are – members of the Progressive Caucus. They are fully acting according to all that they believe. Those beliefs are diametrically opposed to all that was established regarding the means of good governance in our States and Federal Republic.

Congressional Progressive Caucus:

I confess that I was excited to come upon this really super information regarding the Congressional Progressive Caucus during the recording of my radio program. I had a very strong suspicion that ‘The Squad’ or as I term them: the Jihadist/Communists ‘Gang of Four’ were in fact members of this Caucus. No surprise! Yet, I am appalled that the Rush Limbaugh’s, the Hannity and the long list of other so called ‘conservative pundits’ have not clearly taken on either the reality of the Kozak Plan nor the depth of who and what the Progressive Caucus is. With one exception – Mark Levin! He calls it as it is.

So, with you, I will take on what the the Anti-federalists called ‘cabals’ (a secret political clique or faction), which were secret in the 1930’s and 1940’s but are fully in the open as registered political parties over the last thirty plus years.

Here is a starting point for the present discussion and revelation, an article titled: AOC on the Squad: ‘We Are Picking Up Where the Civil Rights Movement Left Off’. This is one of the many ideologies championed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus as they define their Ideologies:

“The CPC advocates “universal access to affordable, high quality healthcare” (universal healthcare or single-payer healthcare), fair trade agreements, living wage laws, the right of all workers to organize into labor unions and engage in collective bargaining, the abolition of the USA PATRIOT Act, the legalization of same-sex marriage, U.S. participation in international treaties such as the climate change related Kyoto Accords, responsible reductions in profligate military expenditure, strict campaign finance reform laws, a crackdown on corporate welfare and influence, an increase in income tax rates on upper-middle and upper class households, tax cuts for the poor and an increase in welfare spending by the federal government.”[vi]

The greater facts are that the members in the the Progressive Caucus are pressing with the top or ‘Pressure From Above’ aspect of the Kozak Plan. Yes, the two key components of the Kozak Plan are summarized in:

  1. The Pressure From Above = the elected, the bureaucrats, the judges, the educational system and the media.
  2. The Pressure From Below = the silly-con techno-oligarchs[vii], Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Yes… the educational system again, Obama and Soros non-profits, again the media, local government and the liberal churches.

This combination is exactly what is occurring in front of our eyes every single day. And, the one that is chosen to whip it up is none other than, Ilhan Omar (MN-5, Minneapolis) – whip of the Progressive Caucus.

Let me make it clear to you what a Whip is by several definitions:

“Whip is a role in party-based politics whose primary purpose is to ensure control of the formal decision-making process in a parliamentary legislature. Whips are party or caucus[viii] ‘enforcers’, who typically offer both inducements and punishments to party members. In modern times, most whips are concerned primarily with ensuring a desired attendance for an important vote.”[ix]

“A whip is an official of a political party whose task is to ensure party discipline in a legislature. This usually means ensuring that members of the party vote according to the party platform, rather than according to their own individual ideology or the will of their constituents. Whips are the party’s “enforcers”. They ensure their fellow legislators attend voting sessions and vote according to official party policy.

The term is taken from the “whipper-in” during a hunt, who tries to prevent hounds from wandering away from a hunting pack.

Additionally, the term “whip” may mean the voting instructions issued to legislators,[1] or the status of a certain legislator in their party’s parliamentary grouping.”[x]

Are you getting the picture here? The Congressional Progressive Caucus has given the ‘enforcer’ position to a ‘Red/Green Axis‘ Jihadist. Yes, you do have to read the pdf link to understand the Red/Green Axis.

Now you know why Omar is out front so much ‘whipping’ it all up on social media, in the press and with all the various groups that can institute ‘Pressure From Below’. Listen to her words, where she goes, who she associates with and how she confronts the Daemoncrat Leadership. Nancy Pelosi is old and tired and this ‘Young Turk‘ of the ‘Modern Young Turks[xi] has more energy to make her Caucus the predominant factor then all the daemons in Congress. Hmmm…. Something about daemon’s that squeal in pigs when exercised by the Righteous.

Pressure From Above – The Squad:

I am going to keep this simple and restate that all the members of the Squad are in fact full fledged members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. They are almost the most radical of the young progressives.

The Squad is fully back by the Company[xii] sized element of the complete ninety-eight progressives in the caucus. Who is in key leadership over The Squad? Take a look at the members who either guide ‘The Squad’ or subject themselves to certain elements of The Squad based on the Red/Green Axis connections:

Jerrold Nadler (NY-10, Manhattan) Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2, Honolulu)
Raúl Grijalva (AZ-3, Tucson) Jan Schakowsky (IL-9, Chicago) – vice chair
Maxine Waters (CA-43, Inglewood) Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18, Houston) – vice chair
Elijah Cummings (MD-7, Baltimore) Pramila Jayapal (WA-7, Seattle) – co-chair
Mark Pocan (WI-2, Madison) – co-chair Joseph P. Kennedy III (MA-4, Brookline)
Only Senate Member:

Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont)

Former House member who is now in the Senate but no longer a member (Deceiver): Sherrod Brown (OH-13) – elected to Senate in 2006
Look who’s Playing the Strategy Game: Nancy Pelosi (CA-8) – left caucus when elected House Minority Leader And then there is the other Minnesotan: Keith Ellison (MN-5) – elected Attorney General of Minnesota


Now, I cannot imagine these seasoned socialists/marxists relinquishing so much to The Squad – unless there has been the strategic design of the Kozak Plan, to increase the Pressure From Above using this loud and small unit in the tactical means by which they are moving in all associated battle fronts previously discussed.

Therefore, the vitriol spewing from The Squad in every aspect of culture, religion and politics is certainly a tactical execution of the dialectic. This is the strategic ‘Pressure From Above’ moving to roust the minions of the ‘Pressure From Below’ so as to rout the True Patriots of the Republic. The intent is to subsume all the means of communications into the ‘Pressure Points’ so that only one voice and one narrative is being promoted by the techno-oligarchs and their media allies.

Kozak KEY Strategic Elements:

So as to keep this simple and short:

  • John Howland Snow explained that Kozak’s document is a blueprint of how a “representative government can be made authoritarian, legally, piece by piece. The form remains, an empty shell…. And not a shot is fired.”
  • Most of what Kozak describes had been theorized a generation earlier by Italian Communist Party chief Antonio Gramsci. (Remember that Obama’s mentor had studied Gramsci.)
  • Ideology as a Tactic, Not a Belief – power is the one and only goal.
  • Adapted the language of socialist ideology and the political policies of socialist regimes for their own internal use on several fronts. Many socialist terms were given double meanings — sometimes called “dialectics”.
  • A socialist or fascist economic policy is necessary for dictatorial revolution in an elective government.
  • The Pincer movement = Pressure From Above and Pressure From Below. This was contrived by Gramsci while in an Italian prison.

“The Communist minority in parliament (in coalition with socialist parties) serves the revolution by initiating policies and legislation which strengthen the hand of grassroots revolutionaries and punish threats to the coup (i.e., the Right). Meanwhile, grassroots revolutionaries whip up the appearance of popular support for the legislative program to advance the revolution through strikes, rallies, petitions, threats, and – sometimes — sabotage. The “pressure from below” by the small number of revolutionaries and their larger number of dupes is then used to “justify” the centralization of power in the hands of the executive branch of the state. Wishy-washy politicians are intimidated, and the “pressure from above” intensifies.”[xiii]

  • Patriotism is redefined and manipulated:

“…patriotism, “one of the feelings most deeply rooted in people,” leans on and needs socialism in the struggle against imperialism for national interests. In this way patriotism and democracy have become mighty weapons of the workers’ class in present times and, step by step, they bring masses of new allies to the workers’ class.”


It is obvious that we are experiencing the greatest efforts and effects of the Kozak Plan because the forces involved believe that they have enough of their agents critically in place. Over the last eighty years the educational system has been producing minions who have no factual roots in Founder’s Original Intent of Constitutionalism in this Republic. We see them at every level of governance from local to national, in the judiciary and in every bureaucracy.

With this we see the intensified cultural and moral changes being instituted by local, county and state ordinances or laws. There are to many examples to reference. Look at your own community and see what is changing because of the Dialectic in tolerance.

The bureaucracies are full of the minions at every level and mostly at the federal level. Just think about the full force of the ‘Resistance Movement’ in the various federal department.  Look at what happened in the Energy Department, the resistance in HUD, the continued injustice in the Justice Department and on it goes.

All that is mentioned above is Pressure From Above.

Here are several references as to how incendiary the Pressure From Below has become:

Also, please reference back to the many programs that I have done that addresses the Kozak Plan at this link….but…. you are now over educated on these topics.

I will continually state that one of the root causes for all that we are looking at is that true Biblical Christianity of our Founders has been coopted. As I discussed in my last article, the pastors and church leadership are fearful of engaging in all of life in our Republic as the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution did. Those Founding pastors brought the nation into existence.

Breaking News from 7-21-19: It is about socialism – Stephen Miller: ‘The Squad’ ‘Detests America as It Exists’

Your Challenge/Action Item:

Do not just get educated. Move to action. Attend school board meetings, bureaucracies board meetings, council meetings and voice your beliefs.  Most of all – challenge your pastors and church leadership to action outside the walls of their church. But, they must understand Founders Original Intent or they will become christian socialists or worse. Oh, that was in the Kozak Plan also – turn the churches and pastors into tools of the socialists/neo-marxists.

[i]    Not A Shot Fired, by Jan Kozak. Introduction by Thomas R. Eddlem, 1999  https://robertwelchuniversity.org/Not%20a%20Shot.pdf

[ii]   Daemoncrat uses daemon which is the archaic spelling for a demon – evil spirit

[iii]  The ancient Greeks used the term dialectic to refer to various methods of reasoning and discussion in order to discover the truth. More recently, Kant applied the term to the criticism of the contradictions that arise from supposing knowledge of objects beyond the limits of experience, e.g., the soul. Hegel applied the term to the process of thought by which apparent contradictions (which he termed thesis and antithesis) are seen to be part of a higher truth (synthesis).

[iv]  the Marxist theory (adopted as the official philosophy of the Soviet communists) that political and historical events result from the conflict of social forces and are interpretable as a series of contradictions and their solutions. The conflict is believed to be caused by material needs.

[v]   John Winthrop, 1630

[vi]  “The Progressive Promise”. Congressional Progressive Caucus. Retrieved September 28, 2018.

[vii] Silly-con techno-oligarchs = Google, Twitter, FaceBook, GoDaddy and many other technology companies

[viii]        I added the word ‘Caucus’ since it is a subset of the political party.

[ix]  What is the role of the party whip? From: https://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_role_of_the_party_whip (accessed July 20, 2019)

[x]   Wikipedia contributors, “Whip (politics),” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Whip_(politics)&oldid=905593530 (accessed July 20, 2019).

[xi]  The Young Turks (TYT) is a progressive left-wing American news and commentary program on YouTube. It serves as the flagship program of the TYT Network, a multi-channel network of associated web series focusing on news and current events.

[xii] Number in squad, platoon, company, battalion? https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080424225740AAV9Euu

[xiii]        Not A Shot Fired, by Jan Kozak. Introduction by Thomas R. Eddlem, 1999  https://robertwelchuniversity.org/Not%20a%20Shot.pdf

© Copyright by Tom Niewulis, 2019. All rights reserved.

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