POLITICAL SHOCKER: Clinton Caught Telling Truth!

Bill Clinton tells truth
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By John Lillpop:

In this, the most bizarre, weird, outrageous, and unpredictable political campaign in US history, Washington D.C. has been rocked by a happening so improbable, so against the odds that most people will simply not even believe that it actually happened!

The IT is the mind-warping exposure of a Clinton actually telling the truth in public!

Unprecedented, unbelievable, you say?

We agree, but there before God and all of humanity to see, stood Clinton whose rap sheet includes a conviction for lying to the SCOTUS,  actually telling the truth!

As reported at the reference, the truth forced its way out of the conflicted mouth of former president Bill Clinton, rather than that of the vile Hillary, who is running for president and running even faster to escape the criminal clutches of the Department of Justice:

“Former President Bill Clinton, stumping on behalf of his wife in Washington state on Monday, urged people to vote for Hillary Clinton “if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.”

The awful legacy of the past eight years, Bubba?

Good hell, Bubba, that pile of excrement is the sole and exclusive property of Barack Hussein Obama, whose legacy Hillary is promising to continue if elected, and provided she is not incarcerated in federal prison!

And you have the gall to tell the truth about those eight ‘awful’ years?

Better late than never, we say!

And if telling the truth about the third-world travesty brought to America by eight years of nanny rule and tyranny under Barack Obama helps keep Hillary out of the Oval Office, we say, BRAVO, Bill Clinton!

You go, Bill Clinton, former president and recovering liar!

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John W. Lillpop
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