Planned Parenthood Approaches Armageddon

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By Kevin Roeten:

Planned Parenthood In For The Money

Every year Congress takes $500 Million of our taxpayer dollars, and hands them over to Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills. Countless times PP has been caught on camera engaged in the trafficking of aborted baby body parts for profit. The Senate has already voted to defund PP. Republicans have the majority in both Houses to vote to eliminate all taxpayer funding.

The problem left is Obama’s filibuster of Republicans. Even with the majority, the Republicans cannot stop Obama, and still need 60 senators to block any filibuster. Obama will ride this filibuster to allow funds to continue to flow to PP, with continued killing of babies, with money that doesn’t exist. Senate Democrats still have legislation to send  $550 million to PP every year. The Senate expected to vote on a second attempt to defund payouts to PP. It still didn’t work.

In a new report published by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the pro-life legal group lays out the various ways PP has used abuse and potential fraud with tax-dollars. The report cites 45 public audits of PP affiliates, and 57 audits of state family planning programs. They found a “total of more than $129.7 million in waste, abuse, and potential fraud in federal and state family planning funding programs.”  Included was $14.4 billion Medicaid expenditures improperly paid, with the abortion company engaging in “billing in excess of actual acquisition cost for contraceptives and Plan B products, inappropriately billing for services not necessary nor provided, and duplicate billing.”

ADF Counsel Catherine Glenn Foster: “Americans shouldn’t be forced to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, which has a history of abusing taxpayer dollars, covering up the sexual abuse of young girls by adult predators, and trafficking aborted babies’ hearts, lungs, livers, and brains. That tax money should be redirected to trusted health providers, not given to the abortion industry. Not one more penny should go to Planned Parenthood, which has been repeatedly investigated for waste, abuse, and potential fraud.”

How Can Americans Still Support PP?         

Shockingly, 54 percent of Americans still support PP.

Hopefully, one’s heard of recent undercover videos, and the typical practice of PP selling fetal body parts for profit.

Actually there’s an acceptance of abortion in our culture. It began when radical eugenicists hijacked the women’s rights movement, followed by the strategic placement of abortion clinics within predominantly Black communities. Euphemisms were ingrained in some claiming preborn babies were simply “tissue.”

Guttmacher Institute says China aborts 7.9 million babies/yr, Russia 2.2 million, and Vietnam aborts 1.5 million/yr. But the US aborts more than 1.2 million preborn babies every year. Preborn aborted children are now considered “commodity.” Now, one gets more dollars for every baby born alive.

The House Vote 

The House of Representatives voted 248 to 177 recently to approve a bill giving a baby who survives an abortion the same protection under the law as “any person who comes to a hospital, clinic, or other facility.” So, with this recent vote, Democrats have gone on record supporting murder of living babies. Every person (177) who voted against this bill was a Democrat. This bill treats a baby born from a failed abortion as any other born baby. Under the bill, the Congressional Research Service explained in its official summary, “An individual who commits an overt act that kills a child born alive is subject to criminal prosecution for murder.” PP’s practices violate two federal laws, one prohibiting trafficking in fetal organs and tissues for profit. The other law prohibits altering an abortion for the sole purpose of harvesting organs, and PP’s senior executive admitted doing this.

It’s time to end all federal taxpayer support for an organization having no valid purpose, run by people who refuse to respect the dignity of human life in the womb.

This bill must be passed by September’s end to avoid a government shutdown. Obama has indicated he would veto the spending bill if PP is stripped from it. Senator Ted Cruz attempted two years ago to strip Obamacare from the budget, by arguing any resulting shutdown would be the fault of Obama, not Republicans. “What Barack Obama is doing for Planned Parenthood is radical, it’s extreme, it’s unreasonable . . . “.

Defunding PP—even for one year—would save several thousand unborn babies. It would save the government $235 million each year. Lately, the House Voted to De-Fund Planned Parenthood After it Sells Body … parts. View the list of videos listed in the previous link. There are ten expose’ videos catching PP selling body parts of aborted babies, which shocked the nation.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke up: “So if we know that this organization performs hundreds of thousands of abortions per year and we know that women have access to other sources for care, the question is, should we force taxpayers to fund a business that spends its money aborting 327,653 children per year?  

The House has recently passed an act prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks from fertilization. Just Facts has previously detailed info from medical journals showing pre-borns feel pain from 20 weeks after fertilization, or even before. At 20 weeks, preborn humans are conscious, and all the organs needed to feel pain are functional.

It Gets Worse

What’s scariest of all, was when March of Dimes appeared on the circulated list of 41 organizations who supported PP. MOD responded on Facebook saying they had no relationship with PP on a national level. But it’s known at least five local chapters did send money to PP clinics.

Bottom line, despite medical knowledge, PP will continue to be funded from an already overdrawn federal revenue of $18 trillion, aborting/killing children for money, and a minority of Congress is controlling the money-machine.

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