Obama “Whips” the Black Community

Obama wants to keep the black community on the Democrat plantation

Democrat plantation
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By David L. Hunter:

David Hunter
David Hunter

I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good send-off? Go vote.” – President Obama at the annual Congressional Black Caucus gala on September 17, 2016

The “massa” of the White House, Barack Obama, has decreed: ‘A vote for Hillary is a vote for me!’ With the gap evaporating between crooked Clinton and outsider Trump, Mr. Obama is whipping up this crucial voting bloc (which cast ballots for him above 90% in the past two presidential elections). Obama repeatedly panders to the lowest common denominator, the skin-deep consideration of race. Yet, due directly to his presidency no group has economically suffered more than the black community. Therefore, Mr. Obama’s audacity in expecting their support (for his would-be successor) is frankly galling. Once again, for this president, everything is about him: a “personal insult”; his “legacy”; giving him a “good send-off.”

“Kingly” Obama has lived exceedingly well. Unfortunately, the vast majority of his fellows—from Chicago and beyond—cannot make the same claim. In one telling example, black youth unemployment was 393% higher than the national average. Further, the poverty rate for the black population is now 25.8%. He pretends these deep-seeded problems, among many, do not exist. That makes him a rank political opportunist (in addition to being the worst president of the modern age).

A new Census report on income and poverty shows 43 million Americans are poor. That’s one in seven: equivalent to every resident in the most populated state of California (38.8 million) plus Oregon (4 million). To add context, 3.2 million families have fallen below the poverty line since Obama assumed office—and 93 million Americans remain unemployed.

Barack Obama’s only concern is preserving his nation-destroying policies. Therefore, he wants to keep all black folks on the Democrat’s poverty plantation (read: subsistence living via big government dependence). Like Hillary says ‘ignore your lying eyes’ to her wrongdoing, Mr. Obama says ‘ignore your empty pockets.’ That anyone would trust this snake oil salesman—or want a continuation of the disastrous Obama years—is frankly mind-boggling. He’s played American liberals for suckers from Day One. That includes all black voters blindly heeding the “master’s” call to keep anti-American progressives in power.

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David L. Hunter
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  1. Love this article…finally- truth be told. “King” Obama has been like the mob boss of the disenfranchised and “entitled” communities across America. The libs found the perfect mouthpiece to further spin tales of woe to the most vulnerable sect of our society. The bold-faced brainwashing messages of racism the lefties are so gifted at spinning only hurts black America. I just wish they would use an objective lens to evaluate the numbers listed above…the proof is in black-and-white!

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